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Alexandra David-Néel at the 2021 Écrans de l’aventure

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15 February 2021
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2 April 2021
For the 30th anniversary of the Écrans de l'aventure festival, Dijon welcomes Alexandra David-Néel. In the form of an immersive and entertaining exhibition, the explorer will plunge visitors into the bath of her great voyages.

Alexandra David Néel

« The woman with soles of wind »

A scenographic and storytelling exhibition of Céline Moulys
A documentary installation from Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 October 2021, at the cellier de Clairvaux.

Free visit open to the general public. Escape game with commentary open to groups.
Free admission (subject to availability and health regulations),
open to the public on Monday 11 October 17:00-19:00, Tuesday 12 October 16:30-19:00 and Wednesday 13 October 14:00-17:00.

On the occasion of this exhibition, let yourself be carried away on an immobile journey, thanks to the readings aloud by the librarians of the Dijon Municipal Library, in the reading room: Tuesday 12 October from 16:30 to 19:00 and Wednesday 13 October from 14:00 to 17:00.
"Imagine... You are in Samten Dzong, the house where Alexandra David-Néel gathered all her memories and where, for 22 years after her last trip, she worked hard to write most of the numerous books in her bibliography, based on her notes and experiences. It was 1969, the last year of her life. She was 101 years old... "

This is how Céline Moulys presents the documentary installation she is dedicating to Alexandra David-Néel and which will be installed at the Cellier de Clairvaux du 11 au 13 octobre 2021, as part of the 30th edition of the Écrans de l'aventure in Dijon. An immersive and entertaining exhibition, to plunge into the life of this "monument of exploration, free-thinker, anarchist and revolutionary, a passionate orientalist and, above all, an independent woman", introduces the scenographer.

On the menu, the reconstitution of the two rooms that hosted Alexandra David-Néel during the last years of her life. An office and a bedroom, filled with objects evoking her decades of travels. A prayer wheel, butter lamps, Tibetan masks, Himalayan jewellery, photos, maps and a library. The important thing, for Céline Moulys, is the experience. Because "whether it's on a trip, in an installation or at a festival, it's the experience that imprints memories".

Perched barons and standing ovations

Céline Moulys knows the Écrans de l'aventure well. In 2010, for the 20th anniversary of the festival in Dijon, she received the audience award of the Festival Off for her film Föllmi’s Destiny, on the 30 years of life in the Himalayas of photographer Olivier Föllmi and his wife, publisher Danielle Föllmi. A member of the jury the following year, then a regular festival-goer, she remembers above all the enthusiasm of her audience: "they are exceptional, they stand up without hesitation, they offer beautiful moments of communion", she praises. "A standing ovation is always a very special moment."
And one film in particular? "Treeverse, perhaps! This film made as an adventure documentary at the end of the world, while the story takes place in a local park". In this film, the two protagonists decide to travel one kilometre in the trees without ever touching the ground. This five-day journey is reminiscent of the life of the Perched Baron, the character by Italo Calvino who one day decided to live in the trees.
So, after the three days of her exhibition, Céline Moulys will be delighted to return to the days devoted to films, "these days out of time, plunged into the dark, a paradoxical huis-clos that takes you to the edge of the world, conducive to reflection and inner travel". A programme that Alexandra David-Néel would not have disowned.
An article by Eric Carpentier