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See you this week in Dijon!
13 October 2019
Guestbook - Ecrans de l'aventure - International Adventure Film Festival
25 October 2019
This new edition of the festival was marked by an exceptional attendance: from the first day, an additional screening room had to be opened in order to welcome an ever-growing audience to these adventure events. The meetings as well as the quality of the exchanges with adventurers, authors, directors, producers... and the public made this edition a total success. Thank you all!

The 2019 list celebrates international adventures and very human creations with 12 awards:

Golden Fleece of the adventure film

(provided by the city of Dijon)

Spirit Of Jaguar

Réalisation : Pavol Barabas
Production : K2 Studio
Slovaquie – 58 minutes – 2018 – Preview

Four friends, in search of unspoilt nature, head for the Amazon jungle for a challenging journey. They descend wild rivers and travel through deep forests to live among the Hodi. The high mountains of the Sierra Maigualida, which no European has ever crossed before, preserve this Amazonian tribe from the world around it. With them, they will discover the pleasure of simple things, mutual aid and the happiness of living without the desire to own.


Alain Bombard Prize

(which rewards an adventure containing teaching for the future)

Haroun Tazieff, le poète du feu

(Haroun Tazieff, the poet of fire)
Réalisation : Éric Beauducel
Coproduction : Ekla Productions, Ushuaïa TV
France – 54 minutes – 2018

Twenty years ago Haroun Tazieff, one of the fathers of contemporary volcanology, died. Scientist, boxer, resistance fighter, mountaineer, speleologist, filmmaker and minister, this man spent his life fighting volcanoes to extract their secrets and transmit them to the world. Based on archives and testimonies, this film retraces the exceptional life of the man Jean Cocteau called "the poet of fire".


Jean-Marc Boivin Prize

(that rewards the authenticity of an adventure)

Changabang et les miroirs d’une répétition

(Changabang and the mirrors of a repetition)
Réalisation : Jean-Pierre Tauvron
Production : GMHM
France – 52 minutes – 2019 – Preview

Despite its modest altitude (6,864 m), the summit of Changabang, in the Indian Himalayas, has received very few visits and already sheltered too many tragedies. The three mountaineers of the Groupe militaire de haute montagne, Sébastien Moati, Léo Billon and Sébastien Ratel, have only a very short weather window to try to overcome its thousand metres of verticality. The opportunity to question what drives people to face the dangers and curses of a mountain.


Special Jury Prize



Réalisation : Cyril Delachaux
Production : Eyeshot
Suisse – 52 minutes – 2018

This film is an immersion in a dark and blurry world, meeting men and women who challenge their visual disability by skiing. Accompanied by a guide in whom they have blind confidence, they run down the slopes, sometimes with disconcerting ease. What they offer to the spectators is their love of the great outdoors, the generosity of a volunteer guide and the experience of a different life where the senses no longer have the same meaning.


Public Prize

of the Écrans de l’aventure of Dijon

Les voies de la liberté

(the ways of freedom)
Réalisation : Mélusine Mallender et Christian Clot
Production : Darwin Production
France – 52 minutes – 2018

Mélusine Mallender tells us about her solo motorcycle trips from Asia to Africa. From this extraordinary initiatory journey, she returned with many questions about the notion of freedom, different from one place to another, and more particularly for women. With her communicative joy and passion, she shares her experience with us through more than 40 countries, 100,000 kilometres and thousands of meetings and interviews.


The Youth Prize of the City of Dijon

(provided by the Gibert Joseph Dijon bookstore)

Himalaya, la marche au-dessus

(Himalayas, the walking obove)
Réalisation : Eliott Schonfeld
Production : Bo Travail !, Ushuaïa TV
France – 53 minutes – 2018

At 25 years old, Eliott has already made several expeditions around the world. After Australia, Alaska and Mongolia, here he is launched into a crossing of the Himalayas, alone and meeting the last nomads of the planet. The objective of his 4-month odyssey is to accomplish what he had only outlined so far: to finish the expedition in absolute autonomy, i. e. by abandoning all the objects from the "modern" world that he took with him.


Prize: Ushuaïa TV / Écrans de l'aventure of Dijon

(provided by a broadcast on the channel Ushuaïa TV)

Vincent Munier, éternel émerveillé

(Vincent Munier, eternal amazed)
Réalisation : Pierre-Antoine Hiroz et Benoît Aymon
Production : RTS
Suisse – 52 minutes – 2019 – Preview

He is one of the few people capable of forging a link between man and wildlife. The "pope" of animal photography transmits to us, with a subtlety of his own, his most intimate emotions. But Vincent Munier is convinced: showing the beauty of the world is no longer enough. It is a shock, a kind of cultural revolution that we must now carry out if we want to preserve - not to say save - the world we will leave to our children.


Golden Fleece of the adventure book


Sans jamais atteindre le sommet. Voyage dans l’Himalaya

(Never reaching the top. Travel to the Himalayas)
of Paolo Cognetti (translated from Italian by Anita Rochedy)
Éd. : Stock - Col. : La Cosmopolite - Publication : May 9, 2019

At the dawn of his forties, Paolo Cognetti left for the Himalayas with a group of friends, following in the footsteps of Peter Matthiessen's Snow Leopard. But the Himalayas are not a land that is entered lightly: they are a living mountain, inhabited, used, sometimes suffered, a thousand miles from our own. To face it requires a real expedition, with guides, porters, pack mules, a camp to be set up every evening to dismantle it every morning, and above all good travelling companions. The endless discussions in the tent with Nicola, the absolute magnificence of the mountain contemplated with Remigio, the sawtooth walking on the heights, the otherness of the places and people met, the way in which the landscape affects the body and mind: this is the unforgettable journey that Paolo Cognetti makes us live.
Paolo Cognetti, born in Milan in 1978, is the author of several short story collections (including Sofia s'habille toujours en noir (Sofia always dresses in black), Liana Levi, 2013), a literary guide to New York and a mountain notebook. He divides his time between Milan and Valle d'Aosta.

Special mention

of the adventure book

Le Syndrome Tom Sawyer

(Tom Sawyer Syndrome)
of Samuel Adrian
Éd. : Equateurs. Col. : Littérature
Publication : January 2019

At the age of 20, Samuel Adrian discovered that he had Tom Sawyer syndrome, which was characterized by an ability to escape through thought and a pronounced taste for fantasy and adventure. As he strolls through the Vaugirard cemetery, he reads an epitaph spared by wear and tear: "If you can no longer pray, walk. "Without a map, without a phone, without money, he improvised a journey on the roads from Paris to Jerusalem, on foot. But this seven-month, 5,000 km march will not be guided by the compass of faith, which he has lost. And he does not consider himself a pilgrim, but rather a vagrant. It is therefore an atypical story that he tells us here, between pilgrimage and initiatory journey. Samuel Adrian, born in 1994 in Saint-Cloud. Le Syndrome Tom Sawyer is his first book.

Readers' Awards

of the "Port du Canal" Media library

Ivre de steppes. Un hiver en Mongolie

(Drunk with steppes. A winter in Mongolia)
of Marc Alaux
Éd. : Transboréal. Col. : Sillages
Publication : november 2018

The mountains of western Mongolia are home to the yurt camps of nomadic herders. In that of a modest family, Marc Alaux retired for a winter to learn the trade of shepherd and then, facing the wind, to feed on silence and space. With Gotov and Oyunchimeg, members of the Bayad ethnic group, he has rediscovered the atmosphere of Mongolian homes, which he has been visiting and studying for two decades. Through hard work sharing, he was able to gain acceptance, become their French brother and even gain the trust of the neighbourhood. An echo of an existence unlike half-measure, this story vibrates with the experience accomplished and reminds us that only passion guides man into immensity. Marc Alaux is a publisher and travel bookseller at Transboréal. Born in 1976 in Saint-Mandé, he lives in Montrouge, in the Hauts-de-Seine region. He has made a speciality of walking trips to Mongolia (7,000 kilometres) and long stays with nomadic herders.

Exceptional prize

for young adventurers of the year

Philae and Ulysse POUSSIN

for their family adventure during four years in Madagascar, during the "Madatrek" project

Golden Fleece of the Adventurer of the Year

allocated by La Guilde

Vincent MUNIER

To pay tribute to the human values he embodies, his closeness to nature, his sense of observation, his patience and discretion, as well as his exceptional career and work as an animal photographer.