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Books in competition

Tristan Savin - Président Jury Livre - Ecrans de l'aventure 2019
The jurys of the book 2019
12 June 2019
Dorine Bourneton, présidente du jury film - Ecrans de l'aventure 2019
The jury of the film 2019
29 August 2019

Five books

selected to compete for the Golden Fleece adventure book 2019 and for the Readers' Prize of the Médiathèque Port du Canal.

Au Yémen avec Théodore Monod

Carnets d’expédition (1995)

Title Translation: In Yemen with Theodore Monod - travel notebook (1995)

of José-Marie Bel
Ed. : Gingko éditeur
Col. : Mémoire d’homme
Publication : March 2019

This is a unique adventure: the story of Theodore Monod's last botanical expedition to Yemen and the Arabian desert, accompanied by José-Marie Bel, his friend and expert from this region. During a journey of nearly 3 500 km, the 93-year-old scientist certainly suffered from the harshness of the terrain, but his will remained unshakeable in this ultimate exploration of the cultural and natural riches of the mythical land of incense trees and the ancient cities of Shibâm, Shabwa and Maareb.
From their visits to the humid highlands, deserts and coastal lowlands, and last but not least to the highest peak in Yemen, José-Marie Bel has drawn this story. This roadmap recounts the daily life of the adventure experienced by the author and the old scientist; an adventure in the true sense of the word, certainly located at the end of the 20th century but which retains all the spirit of the expeditions of yesteryear, those of the first explorers.
Long after his death in 2000, here is a humble and beautiful way to bring back to life for Theodore Monod's admirers the last trip of this Great Sir.

Ethnologist and architect, José-Marie Bel, born in 1951 in Briançon, is a specialist in Yemen and Ethiopia as well as Arthur Rimbaud. He is the author of about fifteen books (including two with Théodore Monod). Since 1970, travelling in many parts of the world, he has been making travel diaries illustrated with his drawings, sketches and watercolours.

Edition : Gingko éditeur

Ivre de steppes

Title Translation: Steppe drunkenness

of Marc Alaux
Ed. : Transboréal
Col. : Sillages
Publication : November 2018

The mountains of western Mongolia are home to the yurt camps of nomadic herders. In that of a modest family, Marc Alaux retired for a winter to learn the trade of shepherd and then, facing the wind, to feed on silence and space. With Gotov and Oyunchimeg, members of the Bayad ethnic group, he has rediscovered the atmosphere of Mongolian homes, which he has been visiting and studying for two decades. Through hard work sharing, he was able to gain acceptance, become their French brother and even gain the trust of the neighbourhood.
An echo of an existence unlike half-measure, this story vibrates with the experience accomplished and reminds us that only passion guides man into immensity.

Marc Alaux is a publisher and travel bookseller at Transboréal. Born in 1976 in Saint-Mandé, he lives in Montrouge, in the Hauts-de-Seine region. He has made a speciality of walking trips to Mongolia (7 000 kilometres) and long stays with nomadic herders.

Edition : Transboréal

Le Syndrome Tom Sawyer

Title Translation: Tom Sawyer's Syndrome

of Samuel Adrian
Ed. : Equateurs
Col. : Littérature
Publication : January 2019

At the age of 20, Samuel Adrian discovered that he had Tom Sawyer syndrome, which was characterized by an ability to escape through thought and a pronounced taste for fantasy and adventure. As he strolls through the Vaugirard cemetery, he reads an epitaph spared by wear and tear: "If you can no longer pray, walk." Without a map, without a phone, without money, he improvised a journey on the roads from Paris to Jerusalem, on foot. But this seven-month, 5 000 km march will not be guided by the compass of faith, which he has lost. And he does not consider himself a pilgrim, but rather a vagrant. It is therefore an atypical story that he tells us here, between pilgrimage and initiatory journey.

Samuel Adrian was born in 1994 in Saint-Cloud (France). Tom Sawyer's Syndrome is his first book.

Edition : Equateurs

Sans jamais atteindre le sommet

Voyage dans l’Himalaya

Title Translation: Without ever reaching the summit - Travel to the Himalayas

of Paolo Cognetti
translated in french from Italian by Anita Rochedy
Ed. : Stock
Col. : La Cosmopolite
Publication : May 2019

At the dawn of his forties, Paolo Cognetti left for the Himalayas with a group of friends, following in the footsteps of Peter Matthiessen's Snow Leopard. But the Himalayas are not a land that is entered lightly: they are a living mountain, inhabited, used, sometimes suffered, a thousand miles from our own. To face it requires a real expedition, with guides, porters, pack mules, a camp to be set up every evening to dismantle it every morning, and above all good travelling companions.
The endless discussions in the tent with Nicola, the absolute magnificence of the mountain contemplated with Remigio, the sawtooth walking on the heights, the otherness of the places and people met, the way in which the landscape affects the body and mind: this is the unforgettable journey that Paolo Cognetti makes us live.

Paolo Cognetti, born in Milan in 1978, is the author of several short story collections (including Sofia always wears black, Liana Levi, 2013), a literary guide to New York and a mountain notebook. He divides his time between Milan and Valle d'Aosta.

Edition : Stock

Sur la route du Danube

Title Translation: On the Danube Road

of Emmanuel Ruben
Ed. : Payot & Rivages
Col. : Littérature Rivages
Publication : March 2019

In the summer of 2016, Emmanuel Ruben and a friend embarked on a bicycle ride across Europe. In 48 days, they will travel up the Danube from the delta to the springs and 4,000 km between Odessa and Strasbourg.
This river book was born from this odyssey across the Ukrainian steppes, the remains of Ceausescu's Romania, the nights of bivouacs on the Bulgarian shores, the Serbian parades of the Iron Gates, the Hungarian borders bristling with barbed wire...
By choosing to follow the river against the current, in the direction of migration, it is the complex history of a Europe that is closing in that the two friends are crossing. But in the intertwining of fallen civilizations and the peoples of the outermost regions, the poignant portraits of men and women on the way, the living picture of a contemporary Europe, emerge.

Emmanuel Ruben, born in 1980 in Lyon, France, he is the author of several books (novels, stories, essays). He currently heads the Julien-Gracq House and lives on the banks of the Loire.

Edition : Payot & Rivages