Official programming 2019

at the Olympia cinema in Dijon, in the Halls 1, 3 and 4 - This programming is subject to subsequent modifications.

Thursday, October 17

9 h 30 - 3 colibris sur la Loire

(3 hummingbirds on the Loire)
Reasization: Jean-Etienne Frère
Production: TGA Production
France – 52 minutes - 2019

This is the unusual challenge of three young adventurers on an expedition to preserve nature. To do their part, Amandine, Antoine and Clément went down the Loire by canoe to collect waste on France's longest river. From its source to the ocean, they cleaned the banks, carried out collective collection, and met with local residents. Two months of adventures and solidarity to raise awareness of the environment.

With the presence of Jean-Etienne Frère and one of the adventurers

10 h 35 - Fly for life

NEWS presented by Loïc Blaise
Golden Fleece of the Adventurer of the Year 2018

After completing the tour of the Arctic Circle, Loïc Blaise (explorer of resilience), will take to the air again aboard the Princesse de Nassau, a hydrogen-powered seaplane from the 1930s. It aims to connect the most threatened areas and peoples with the major capitals of our planet. In doing so, it offers an alternative to fossil fuels and encourages global cooperation in the face of a universal systemic challenge: the climate, environmental and social emergency.

10 h 50 - Himalaya, la marche au-dessus

(Himalayas, walking above)
Realization: Eliott Schonfeld
Production: Bo Travail !, Ushuaïa TV
France – 53 minutes - 2018

At 25 years old, Eliott has already made several expeditions around the world. After Australia, Alaska and Mongolia, here he is launched into a crossing of the Himalayas, alone and meeting the last nomads of the planet. The objective of his 4-month odyssey is to accomplish what he had only outlined so far: to finish the expedition in absolute autonomy, i. e. by abandoning all the objects from the "modern" world that he took with him.

With the presence of Eliott Schonfeld.

14 h 00 - Aziz, l'histoire d'un parapentiste marocain

(Aziz, the story of a Moroccan paraglider)
Realization: Stéphanie Bluche and Grégory Müller
Production : Air Pur Studio
France – 26 minutes – 2017

Aglou, a small fishing village in southwest Morocco. Between the sea and the desert, the laminar wind has made it a unique and unavoidable place for lovers of free flight. Aziz, one of the local fishermen, tells us how he discovered and adopted paragliding. This young enthusiast has become one of the best local pilots. Nicknamed "the seagull", he has a style of his own and a dexterity that allows him to go where he wants when he wants.

With the presence of Stéphanie Bluche and Grégory Müller.

14 h 40 - The Pathan Project

Realization: Guillaume Broust
Production: Jean-Louis Wertz
Belgium – 42 minutes – 2018

In an unexplored mountain range in the depths of Pakistan, a team of Belgian, French and Argentinean climbers have decided to try to climb a wall that has never climbed before, combining exploration, music and good humour. Nicolas Favresse, Jean-Louis Wertz, Mathieu Maynadier and Carlos Molina embark us on a new adventure full of surprises, in a splendid region rarely observed that joins India and opens onto an infinite number of virgin peaks.

With the presence of Carlos Molina.

16 h 00 - Haroun Tazieff, le poète du feu

(Haroun Tazieff, the poet of the fire)
Realisation: Éric Beauducel
Coproduction: Ekla Productions, Ushuaïa TV
France – 54 minutes – 2018

Twenty years ago Haroun Tazieff, one of the fathers of contemporary volcanology, died. Scientist, boxer, resistance fighter, mountaineer, speleologist, filmmaker and minister, this man spent his life fighting volcanoes to extract their secrets and transmit them to the world. Based on archives and testimonies, this film retraces the exceptional life of the man Jean Cocteau called "the poet of the fire".

With the presence of Éric Beauducel and Frédéric Lavachery (son of Haroun Tazieff).


at the Hôtel Oceania Le Jura
Salon Pasteur
14 avenue Maréchal Foch, 21000 Dijon

Meetings and debates with Hugo Clouzeau, Louis Hetier and Marc Alaux led by Oliviel Mouchiquel (cultural columnist), on the theme: Two different experiences of the adventure: the descent of an untamable river in Peru by six experienced kayakers and a single winter in Mongolia with nomadic herders.


With Christine Martin, Deputy Mayor of Dijon, Delegate for Culture, Animation and Festivals, Dorine Bourneton, President of the Film Jury and Vincent Rattez, General Delegate of La Guilde and the Festival.

20 h 30 - Apurimac, l’appel de la rivière

(Apurimac, the call of the river)
Realization: Hugo Clouzeau
Coproduction: MC4, We Are Hungry and Trek TV
France – 52 minutes – 2019

From the high Peruvian mountains to the plains of the Amazonian forest, six kayakers set off on a 17-day autonomous descent into the Rio Apurimac, the farthest source of the Amazon. Guided by their passion for the river and their desire for adventure, the 6 friends sink into the bowels of the Andes mountain range, where only kayakers can access. This film retraces their long and difficult journey on a wild river and questions the possibility of living together with little.

With the presence of Hugo Clouzeau, Stéphane Pion and Louis Hétier.

21 h 40 - Under The Pole - Polynésie : la quête des profondeurs

(Under The Pole - Polynesia: the quest for the depths)
Realization: Vincent Perazio
Coproduction: ZED, ARTE France, Base Océans.
With the participation of Ushuaia TV
France – 52 minutes – 2019 – Preview

After the North Pole, Ghislain and Emmanuelle Bardout head towards the South Pacific, aboard their schooner the WHY, to explore one of the most mysterious ecosystems on our planet: deep corals. Thanks to unpublished aerial shots and underwater images - collected during dives from 5 m to more than 150 m - in areas never before explored, they reveal a fascinating underwater world.

With the presence of Vincent Perazio

Friday, October 18

9 h 30 - Les voies de la liberté

(The ways of freedom)
Realization: Mélusine Mallender and Christian Clot
Production: Darwin Production
France – 52 minutes – 2018

Mélusine Mallender tells us about her solo motorcycle trips from Asia to Africa. From this extraordinary initiatory journey, she returned with many questions about the notion of freedom, different from one place to another, and more particularly for women. With her communicative joy and passion, she shares her experience with us through more than 40 countries, 100,000 kilometres and thousands of meetings and interviews.

With the presence of Mélusine Mallender.

10 h 35 - MadriDakar, 5 000 km à rollers.

NEWS presented by Johann Camboulive

The MadridDakar is a great rollerblading trip on the northwest African coast. A 5,000 km solo adventure through Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal. Seven months of driving and meetings accompanied by Mysty, a bamboo cart equipped with a sail. In addition to the challenge, there is a golden rule: no budget for housing. A journey that will end in the Senegalese capital where children will be accompanied in the learning of rollerblading.

10 h 50 - Vertige aux Marquises

(Dizziness at Marquesas)
Realization: Bertrand Delapierre and Jocelyn Hapdey
Production: Puzzle Média
France – 52 minutes - 2019 - Preview

How to go from point A to point B, when the path seems impossible to take... One slip and it's the inevitable fall. This is the story of Nathan Paulin and Antony Newton, two specialists in the highline - a discipline that consists of walking in balance on a strap stretched in the void - who board Erwan Le Lann's sailboat, to stretch their lines on still virgin peaks, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Telephone connection with Nathan Paulin

14 h 00 - Paul-Émile Victor, j’ai horreur du froid

(Paul-Émile Victor, I hate the cold)
Realization: Stéphane Dugast
Coproduction: Ekla Productions, Ushuaïa TV
France – 54 minutes – 2018

Paul-Émile Victor, a very media-intensive personality in 20th century France, has now fallen into oblivion. Ethnologist, writer, draftsman and creator of the French Polar Expeditions, Paul-Émile Victor is also a committed explorer very attached to Nature and its defence. For the first time, unpublished archives, strong testimonies and key places of its existence are gathered in a documentary film that will retrace the incredible destiny of one of the pioneers of ecology.

With the presence of Stéphane Dugast and Daphné Victor.

15 h 10 - Le sillage du condor

(The wake of the condor)
Realization and production: Martin Beaujouan
France – 28 minutes – 2018

In February and March 2018, Martin Beaujouan and Antoine Girard made an autonomous bivouac flight of 2,700 km across the Andes. Between Argentina and Peru, they fly over the highest peaks and most remarkable places on the continent. During this trip, they will show us magnificent and rare images of the Andes mountain range. A first crossing of the Atacama, 1,000 km of flight along the Pacific coast, take-offs from volcanoes...

With the presence of Antoine Girard

16 h 25 - Tandems

Realization: Cyril Delachaux
Production: Eyeshot
Switzerland – 52 minutes – 2018

This film is an immersion in a dark and blurry world, meeting men and women who challenge their visual disability by skiing. Accompanied by a guide in whom they have blind confidence, they run down the slopes, sometimes with disconcerting ease. What they offer to the spectators is their love of the great outdoors, the generosity of a volunteer guide and the experience of a different life where the senses no longer have the same meaning.

With the presence of Cyril Delachaux.


at the Hôtel Oceania Le Jura
Salon Pasteur
14 avenue Maréchal Foch, 21000 Dijon

Meeting and debate with Tristan Savin, Jean-Louis Gouraud and Emmanuel Ruben led by Bruno Corty (editor-in-chief at Figaro Littéraire) on the theme: Writing the adventure today, a challenge?

20 h 30 - Vincent Munier, éternel émerveillé

(Vincent Munier, eternal amazed)
Realization: Pierre-Antoine Hiroz and Benoît Aymon
Production: RTS
Switzerland – 52 minutes – 2019 – Preview

He is one of the few people capable of forging a link between man and wildlife. The "pope" of animal photography transmits to us, with a subtlety of his own, his most intimate emotions. But Vincent Munier is convinced: showing the beauty of the world is no longer enough. It is a shock, a kind of cultural revolution that we must now carry out if we want to preserve - not to say save - the world we will leave to our children.

With the presence of Benoît Aymon and Vincent Munier.

21 h 35 - Madatrek, la grande aventure

(Madatrek, the great adventure)
Réalisation: Alexandre et Sonia Poussin
Production: Gédéon programmes
France – 90 minutes – 2019 – Preview

4 years to travel 5,000 km around an island may seem long. But the island is big, and very isolated! Madagascar! The Poussins had to invent their itinerary, "do the track", confront mudflats, repair bridges, cross a hundred rivers on skis or by floating their cart and swimming their zebus. On the way they make themselves useful and raise funds for 33 development projects. A family and solidarity adventure.

With the presence of Alexandre and Sonia Poussin with their children.

Saturday, October 19

9 h 30 - Changabang et les miroirs d’une répétition

(Changabang and the mirrors of a repetition)
Realization: Jean-Pierre Tauvron
Production: GMHM
France – 52 minutes – 2019 – Preview

Despite its modest altitude (6,864 m), the summit of Changabang, in the Indian Himalayas, has received very few visits and already sheltered too many tragedies. The three mountaineers of the Groupe militaire de haute montagne, Sébastien Moati, Léo Billon and Sébastien Ratel, have only a very short weather window to try to overcome its thousand metres of verticality. The opportunity to question what drives people to face the dangers and curses of a mountain.

With the presence of Jean-Pierre Tauvron, Léo Billon and the Commander of the GMHM Pierre Sancier.

10 h 35 - SEA ICE Greenland

NEWS presented by Guilhem Pouxviel

This travelling expedition project on the theme of climate change led by Guilhem Pouxviel and Guillaume Bertocchi took place along the northwest coast of Greenland in March 2019. The objective was to rally different Inuit communities by ski-pulka on the fast ice in order to exchange with the local population about the many changes at work and to immerse themselves in this exceptional environment.

10 h 50 - Spirit Of Jaguar

Realisation: Pavol Barabas
Production: K2 Studio
Slovakia – 58 minutes – 2018 – Preview

Four friends, in search of unspoilt nature, head for the Amazon jungle for a challenging journey. They descend wild rivers and travel through deep forests to live among the Hodi. The high mountains of the Sierra Maigualida, which no European has ever crossed before, preserve this Amazonian tribe from the world around it. With them, they will discover the pleasure of simple things, mutual aid and the happiness of living without the desire to own.

With the presence of Pavol Barabas

14 h 00 - Sophie Didi - K2 Summit

Realization and production: Caravan productions
Switzerland – 13 minutes – 2018 – Out of competition

And eleven! Sophie Lavaud amazes us by riding no less than three new 8000 in 2019: Kangchenunga, Annapurna and very recently the Gasherbrum 1, excuse me for a moment... Without forgetting her performance last year: in 2018, she was the first Swiss woman to reach the top of the K2, the second highest mountain in the world, but undoubtedly the most difficult. Only three more 8000 left to complete the loop!

In the presence of the mountaineer Sophie Lavaud who will be back from his last Himalayan ascent: the Dhaulagiri.

15 h 00 - Poumon vert et tapis rouge

(Green lung and red carpet)
Realization: Luc Marescot
Production: MC4, Blue Hour Films, Fondation Iris and Région Bretagne
France – 90 minutes – 2019 – Preview and out of competition

In order to help a botanist in his fight for primary forests, Luc Marescot, a nature lover and documentary filmmaker, decided to make a film. We see him, camera in hand, exploring with malice and naivety the world of the seventh art, meeting great directors and managers of the profession, while continuing to explore the meanders of the jungles. All this preparation to build the ideal team, define the locations, learn to direct actors, and nurture a relentless script. Anyone who could convince a producer and mobilize public opinion. A journey full of pitfalls.

With the exceptional presence of Francis Hallé, guest of honour of the festival, botanist, biologist, specialist in trees and tropical forests. Jean-Pierre Bailly, producer of the film, will also be present.


With Christine Martin, Deputy Mayor of Dijon, Delegate for Culture, Animation and Festivals, Dorine Bourneton, President of the Film Jury, Tristan Savin, President of the Book Jury and Vincent Rattez, General Delegate of La Guilde and the Festival.

20 h 30 - Screening of 3 films from the 2019 Award list

Himalaya, la marche au-dessus (Youth Prize of the City of Dijon 2019)
Les voies de la liberté (Public Prize of the Écrans de l'aventure de Dijon 2019)
Vincent, Munier, éternel émerveillé (Prize: Ushuaïa TV - Écrans de l'aventure of Dijon 2019)

Sunday, October 20

De 14 h 00 à 17 h00 - Screening of 3 other films from the 2019 Award list

Spirit of jaguar (Golden Fleece of the adventure film 2019)
Changabang, les miroirs d'une répétition (Jean-Marc Boivin Prize 2019)
Tandems (Special Jury Prize 2019)