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Programming 2020

The 2020 programming dedicated to schoolchildren
14 September 2020
The 2020 Awards
17 October 2020

Thursday, October 15th

at the OLYMPIA cinema
- This program is subject to future changes -

2:15 pm

Flying, le rêve de Franky Zapata

Flying, Franky Zapata's dream
Realization: Julian Nodolwsky
Production: L’Etoile Noire Production
France – 60 minutes – 2019

110 years after Louis Blériot, Franky Zapata is trying to cross the English Channel perched on his revolutionary "Flyboard Air". A record crossing of about fifteen minutes at more than 150 km/h, alone on a flying board... At the same time, in Hungary, Laszlo Ungar has set himself the goal of rebuilding Louis Blériot's plane identically and flying in the same conditions. Zapata, Ungar: two approaches to aviation, but one and the same tribute to the pioneers.

French Teaser

3:40 pm

Le marathon de Katherine

Katherine's Marathon
Realization: Nicolas Falquet
Production: Huck and Chuck
Switzerland – 26 minutes – 2019

Being the first Swiss woman to cross the symbolic 9A bar is good. But to be able to repeat the feat is even better - and even more difficult. For Katherine Choong, climbing is a school of life, a true philosophy. No matter how long it takes to achieve this new extraordinary achievement, Katherine turns frustration into patience, failure into solution. A performance that defies the laws of gravity, under the eye of her peers and an accomplice camera.

French Teaser (Subtitled in English)

8:00 pm


With Christine Martin deputy mayor of Dijon, in charge of culture, entertainment and festivals, Éric Brossier president of the film jury and Vincent Rattez general delegate of The Guild and the Festival.

8:30 pm

La voie arctique

The Arctic route
Realization and production: Arnaud Mansat and Sébastien Roubinet
France – 52 minutes – 2020

A new hybrid prototype, between a catamaran and an ice-truck, is making its way across the white desert. On board, three men are attempting a historic first: the crossing of the Arctic Ocean under sail, 3,000 kilometers to link Alaska to Spitzberg via the North Pole. Sébastien Roubinet, sailor and polar explorer, Vincent Colliard and Éric André embark on an unprecedented adventure without assistance. They have three months to pass before the ice closes and the polar night sets in.


9:45 pm


Realization: Jaime Murciego and Pablo Iraburu
Production: Arena Comunicación
Spain – 82 minutes – 2019
Spanish version with French subtitles

Five indigenous Bolivian women take part in a unique expedition. As a symbol of liberation and empowerment, they climb the highest mountain in America. The image of these mountaineers in traditional skirts is astonishing. More than climbers, they are courageous women who find in the mountains a space to feel free, happy and alive. Their adventure shows an inspiring way to be a modern woman in the tradition, but also to get closer to Mother Nature.

Spanish teaser with English subtitles

Friday, October 16th

at the OLYMPIA cinema
- This program is subject to future changes -

8:30 pm

Norvège, le festin des orques

Norway, the killer whale feast
Realization: Alexis Barbier-Bouvet and Didier Noirot
Production: Le Cinquième Rêve
France – 52 minutes – 2019

Didier Noirot is an underwater image legend. Today, he wants to film for the first time one of the largest gatherings of marine mammals in the world: hundreds of killer whales in the middle of a herring hunt, and in competition, as unexpected as recent, with humpback whales. At the heart of an ecosystem undergoing profound changes, Didier takes us as close as possible to the giants of the Arctic and their new behaviors, never filmed to date.

French Teaser

9:45 pm

Out of the blue

Realization: Davina Beyloos Montaz-Rosset and Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
Production: Montaz-Rosset Studio
France – 44 minutes – 2020

In September 2019, Maja and Sebastian, talented young acrobats from Bern, meet again a character they met a few years earlier in the Norwegian fjords. This genial stranger offers them to participate in a delirious initiation rite, mixing street artists and local mountain people. Maja and Sebastian hesitate to follow this enigmatic character in an incredible vertical odyssey. But reverie and the laws of attraction are powerful, and magic is never far away.

US excerpt

Saturday, October 17th

at the OLYMPIA cinema
- This program is subject to future changes -

2:15 pm

Le Bato A Film

The Film Boat
Realization: Charlotte Billard and Géraldine Marin
Production: Association Le Bato A Film
France – 20 minutes – 2019
Out of competition

This film presents the adventure of Tortuga, the sailboat of the association Bato A Film which left France for a 15 months trip around South America. Along the way, the ship stops in port cities to make animated short films telling the story of their heritage. The film mixes documentary images and excerpts from these productions, narrated by the captain.

French excerpt

3:00 pm

J’irai mourir dans les Carpates !

I will go to die in the Carpathians! is a fiction inspired by the series I will sleep at your place with Alice Pol, Antoine de Maximy and Max Boublil.
Realization: Antoine de Maximy
Production: Rouge International (Julie Gayet), Bonne Pioche (Yves Darondeau, Emmanuel Priou)
Distribution: Apollo Films
France – 96 minutes – 2020
Out of competition

The car of Antoine de Maximy, the presenter of the series I'll sleep at your place, was washed away by a river in the Carpathians and the body of the man in the red shirt was not found. The equipment and images of the globe-squatter were repatriated to Paris. Agnès, the editor of the series, decides nevertheless to end this last episode. As she starts editing, details catch her attention. Doubt creeps in. The story is perhaps not so simple...

French Teaser

5:00 pm


With Christine Martin deputy mayor of Dijon, delegate for culture, animation and festivals, Éric Brossier president of the film jury, Alexis Jenni president of the Golden Fleece of the adventure book as well as Vincent Rattez general delegate of La Guilde and the festival.

8:30 pm

Rebroadcast of 3 films from the 2020 film awards

The rebroadcast films will be announced at the end of the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, October 17, at approximately 6:15 pm..

Sunday, October 18

at the OLYMPIA cinema
- This program is subject to future changes -

From 2:00 à 5:00 pm

Rebroadcast of 3 other 2020 films awards

These three new films, rebroadcast, will be announced at the end of the awards ceremony on Saturday, October 17, at approximately 6:15 pm.