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Sylvain TESSON

Patrick EDEL
28 May 2017
Festival international du film d'aventure de Dijon - Les Écrans de l'Aventure - Couv Partenaires - Ecrans de l'aventure
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15 September 2017

Adventurer, geographer, travel writer...

President of La Guilde (until May 2018)

When I attend screenings of the Écrans de l'aventure de Dijon, something secretly rejoices me and at the same time amazes me.

Dijon is one of the few places in France where people can tell us their dreams, reveal their projects, tell us their exploits, show us their hopes ...
The virtue of would the adventure be to thicken the values of life, to offer a feeling of freedom, to provide a harvest of memories and experiences, to enrich, to fortify, to bring joy...? Certainly. This festival is the most perfect echo.