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The 2020 programming dedicated to schoolchildren

Trailers of the Ecrans de l’Aventure in Dijon 2020
12 September 2020
Programming 2020
14 September 2020

Thursday, October 15th

at the OLYMPIA cinema
- This program is subject to future changes - Security plan Covid 19 -

9:30 am Hall 2 - & - 11:00 am Hall 4

Une vie en forêt

A life in the forest
Realization: Gilles Santantonio
Production  MC4
France – 52 minutes – 2019

For nearly fifty years, botanist Francis Hallé has been surveying and defending the great primary forests. With him, we set off on a new forest exploration where, from trees and lianas to algae and bacteria, everything bears witness to the fascinating strategies of living things. Today, deforestation is such that only a broad movement of public opinion would seem capable of stopping it. This plea suggests avenues for the development of forest resources.

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9:30 am Hall 4 - & - 10:45 am Hall 2

Less is more

Realization: Mathias Joubert and Surf Island Family Production: Mathias Joubert
France – 52 minutes – 2020

The Surf Island Family is a family of adventurous surfers with an atypical, intriguing and inspiring lifestyle. Part-time teachers on the Ile de Ré, the parents travel the globe the other six months of the year with their two children. Far from over-consumption, meeting the waves and others in a simple and uncluttered life, we embark with them for Indonesia. But nothing happens as planned, so we head to a destination that is unexpected to say the least.

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2:15 pm Hall 4

Flying, le rêve de Franky Zapata

Flying, Franky Zapata's dream
Realization: Julian Nodolwsky
Production: L’Etoile Noire Production
France – 60 minutes – 2019

110 years after Louis Blériot, Franky Zapata is trying to cross the English Channel perched on his revolutionary "Flyboard Air". A record crossing of about fifteen minutes at more than 150 km/h, alone on a flying board... At the same time, in Hungary, Laszlo Ungar has set himself the goal of rebuilding Louis Blériot's plane identically and flying in the same conditions. Zapata, Ungar: two approaches to aviation, but one and the same tribute to the pioneers.

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3:40 pm Hall 4

Le marathon de Katherine

Katherine's Marathon
Realization: Nicolas Falquet
Production: Huck and Chuck
Switzerland – 26 minutes – 2019

Being the first Swiss woman to cross the symbolic 9A bar is good. But to be able to repeat the feat is even better - and even more difficult. For Katherine Choong, climbing is a school of life, a true philosophy. No matter how long it takes to achieve this new extraordinary achievement, Katherine turns frustration into patience, failure into solution. A performance that defies the laws of gravity, under the eye of her peers and an accomplice camera.

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Friday, October 16th

at the OLYMPIA cinema
- This program is subject to future changes - Security plan Covid 19 -

9:30 am Hall 2 - & - 11:00 am Hall 4

expédition au cœur de l’île-mystère

Sulawesi, expedition to the heart of Mystery Island
Realisation: Gil Kebaïli
Production: Les Gens Bien Production
France – 52 minutes – 2019

For several years now, Evrard Wendenbaum has been putting his knowledge, energy and experience to work in the conservation of unexplored paradises, the "lost worlds", vestiges and true heritage of humanity. The Matarombeo is one of them. The almost total lack of knowledge about this massif guarantees an immense potential for discovery, from the depths of its underground networks to the peaks of its canopy. Between adventure and exploration, an unprecedented immersion.

9:30 am Hall 4 - & - 10:45 am Hall 2

À toute berzingue

At full speed
Realisation: Lou-Kévin Roquais
Production: Air Vide and Eau Productions
France – 42 minutes – 2020

Saturday, October 5, 2019. After two years of preparation, Benjamin Ferré sets off on his small 6.50-meter sailboat, without assistance or communications, for the most solitary transatlantic race of all: the Mini-Transat. Beyond the maritime adventure, this film tells the story of a young adventurer from Brittany, eager to demonstrate that adventure is accessible to all, and that it is necessary to follow one's dreams to the end. And you, what is your next adventure?

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2:15 pm Hall 4

Dans les pas de Maufrais

Amazonia - In the footsteps of Maufrais
Realization: Eliott Schonfeld
Production: Bo Travail and Ushuaïa TV
Coproduction: Mont Blanc Live TV with the participation of Trek TV and with the CNC.
France – 52 minutes – 2020

In 1950, Raymond Maufrais, a young 23-year-old explorer, disappears in the middle of the Amazon jungle. We only found his travel notebook, lost in the middle of the forest. After reading this story, Eliott Schonfeld decided to try again this impossible expedition. He goes deep into the jungle, following in the exact footsteps of the disappeared explorer, driven by the same dream: to live in the jungle, this place where "life is allowed", and to leave the civilization that is destroying it.

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3:30 pm Hall 4

Les ailes de Patagonie

The wings of Patagonia
Realization: Christophe Raylat
Production: Bonne Pioche Télévision
France – 52 minutes – 2020

United by the same love of the great outdoors, Sylvain Tesson and the High Mountain Military Group (GMHM) pay tribute to the heroes of l'Aéropostale - Mermoz, Saint Exupéry and Guillaumet - by climbing the eponymous needles in the Fitz Roy massif in Patagonia. Their goal, to jump from their summit according to the principles of base jumping. Will the wind offer a respite? Sylvain Tesson tells the story of this spectacular adventure, lived as close to the action as possible, right up to its unlikely outcome.

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