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The jurys of the book 2019

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12 June 2019
Entête Jury du Livre - Ecrans de l'aventure
Books in competition
22 July 2019
A jury composed of professionals of the writing, editions and storys of adventure, to award the Gold Fleece of the adventure book :

Tristan Savin

President of the jury for the book

Author, literary columnist and large reporter.
Tristan Savin, editor of Long Cours, the review of travel writers. A literary columnist and a great reporter, he has collaborated on Lire, Géo, L'Express, Asia Magazine and Jeune Afrique. He is the author of numerous books including travel guides (Hachette), dictionaries (Seuil, Omnibus), anthologies on Abyssinia and Polynesia (Mercure de France) and collections including Esprit des lieux (La Table Ronde), prefaced by Sylvain Tesson. He also participated in the collective L'Aventure pour quoi faire? and co-authored with Pierre de Vallombreuse the book Souveraines, ces peuples dont les femmes sont libres (Arthaud, 2015). A member of the Société des Explorateurs français, he has been, among other things, literary advisor to the Champagne-Ardenne Book Festival, jury member for the RTL-Lire prize and president of the Grand Tétras prize for adventure books. He lives in the Côtes d'Armor, collects rare books, is passionate about spices and is an underwater fisherman.

Gaële de La Brosse

Responsible for the book price

Writer, journalist and editor

Gaële de La Brosse has two passions: writing and walking. Co-founder of the journal and network Chemins d'étoiles (Star paths), she regularly contributes to the weekly magazine Le Pèlerin (The Pilgrim), for which she produces the monthly newsletter L'Echo des chemins (The Echo of the Paths) and organizes each year, in Paris, the Forum des chemins (Paths forum).

She is the author of several books, including Les Presses de la Renaissance, Tro Breiz, Les chemins du Paradis (Tro Breiz, the paths of Paradise), le Guide spirituel des chemins de Saint-Jacques (Spiritual Guide to the Way of St. James) and le Guide des chemins de pèlerinage (Guide to Pilgrimage Routes); and, also: L’Esprit des pèlerinages (The Spirit of Pilgrimages - Gründ), Brèves des chemins de Compostelle (Briefs of the Compostela Paths - Suzac), Le Petit Livre de la marche (The Little Book of Walking - Salvator).

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Marine de Tilly

Author, journalist, reporter and literary critic.

She collaborates with many french edition:
Le Point, Le Figaro, Géo, Terre sauvage...
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Jean-Louis Gouraud

Adventurer, writer and publisher of the equestrian world

He has also created three specialized collections on the equestrian theme

Katia Fondecave

Librarian and event coordinator at the Bibliothèque municipale of Dijon.

Bruno Corty

Journalist (since 1995) and editor (since 2013) at the Figaro littéraire.

He is also author with, among others, Jean-Christophe Rufin, Sylvain Tesson and Patrice Franceschi of the manifesto: L’Aventure, pour quoi faire ? (Points). He has recently published an essay: Patti Smith (Nouvelles Lectures, 2016), participated at the Cahier John le Carré (L’Herne, 2018) and at the volume Figures d’écrivains (Albin Michel, 2018).
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And a jury composed of adventure story lovers, to award the Readers' Prize of the Médiathèque Port du Canal 2019.
Produced in partnership with the Dijon Public Library.
Partenaire Bibliothèque municipale de Dijon - Ecrans de l'aventure
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