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The jury of the film 2020

“Preview evening”
12 September 2020
Trailers of the Ecrans de l’Aventure in Dijon 2020
12 September 2020
A jury made up of image and adventure professionals...


President of the jury for the film 2020

Captain of Vagabond, polar exploration sailboat
By the time he completes his engineering degree in oceanographic engineering, Eric already has a good number of adventurous and sporting expeditions around the world: mountain biking, horseback riding, mountaineering, trekking, diving, kayaking? With his diploma in hand, he has multiplied scientific missions in the North and South polar lands, while enriching his skills (geophysics, oceanography, magnetism, seismology, first aid, health, safety and environment, boating ...) and participates in many editions of the Ecrans de l'aventure de Dijon.
In 1994, at Les Kerguelen, he collaborated in the repairs of Isabelle Autissier's sailboat. This meeting and experience gave rise to a desire to expand his services and skills. He wants to equip himself with an additional tool, a logistics base for scientific and sporting exploration. Since the purchase of Vagabond in 1999, Éric and his teammate France Pinczon du Sel have almost never set moorings. Together as a family, they have carried out an impressive number of scientific missions and Arctic circumpolar explorations.
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