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Interviews 2021
16 October 2021
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17 October 2021


Out Of Frame

"Out Of Frame"
Realization: Jordan Manoukian
Production: Mountains Legacy Production
France – 45 minutes – 2020
Preview - French version

This documentary shows the daily life of Mathis Dumas, athlete, high mountain guide and outdoor photographer. Suspended in the void, camera in hand, Mathis takes us behind the scenes of a vertiginous high line shoot on a line never before done. A journey into the heart of the Mont Blanc massif in the company of passionate athletes, revealing a photographic vision and mountain heritage outside of traditional frames.

Telephone link with Jordan Manoukian

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Lost At Sea

Realization: Johnny Burke
Production: Renegade pictures
Great Britain – 49 minutes – 2019
Preview - VOST

An epic tale of the sea, told through a young man's personal journey to understand his father, Peter Bird, who in 1983 was the first person to row solo across the Pacific Ocean, but then disappeared at sea. Peter's son Louis was only 4 years old when his father died. Nearly twenty-five years later, he seeks to discover who his father really was and why he spent so many years of his life alone at sea.

With the presence of Louis Bird and Polly Wickham



Dark Green
Alone In The Amazon

Realization: Jesper Buijvoets and Aagje van Meerwijk
Production: Sensu productions
Netherlands – 32 minutes – 2021
Preview - French version

We follow environmentalist and storyteller Paul Rosolie into the heart of the Amazon jungle. Leaving a world of man-made destruction, Paul ponders how to save this great ecosystem. "Just as we start to lose species from an ecosystem, people are adapting to this new situation," he says. He needs to abandon himself on his solo expeditions. To reconnect and give the world back its love of nature.

With the presence of Paul Rosolie



Les harmonies invisibles

"The invisible harmonies"
Realization: Vincent Marie and Laurent Marie
Production: Adala Films, les Films de la pluie, Lyon Capitale TV and L’Âme bleue-2021
France – 77 minutes – 2021
Preview - French version

Imbued with the Arctic tales that lulled their childhood, two brothers, Laurent, a snorkeler, and Vincent, a filmmaker, set out on the trail of the narwhal legend. On the way, they meet the Inuit people with whom they will share a poetic quest to breathe with the world.

In the presence of Laurent Marie

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"The adventure"
Realization: Marianne Chaud
Production: "Un thé dans la neige" Association
France – 77 minutes – 2020
Preview - French version

There are these great white mountains, beautiful and hostile, and then there are the exiles who cross them to reach France; there is the director who lives there, who meets them and films them for three years. The intimate side of these men and women is revealed: Mamadou, Ossoul, Charlotte, Alassane. The Alpine mountains gradually resound with their stories, the landscapes are transformed and become the theatre of exile, with universal echoes.

With the presence of Marianne Chaud.



Swissway To Heaven

"Swissway To Heaven"
Realization: Guillaume Broust
Production: Guillaume Broust and Cédric Lachat
France – 55 minutes – 2021
Preview - French version

Switzerland is a paradise for big route climbing and the home country of Cédric Lachat. With his humor and joie de vivre, the climber shows us the richness and beauty of five emblematic massifs: Eiger, Gastlosen, Wendenstöcke, Lauterbrunnen and Rätikon. Alongside climbing sequences in the 8° degree, iconic openers present the history of the equipment and the evolution of the practice, from classical mountaineering to modern climbing.

Phone liaison with Cédric Lachat

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Quatre mois sur ma biosphère

"Four months on my bio-sphere"
Realization: Corentin de Chatelperron and Laurent Sardi
Production: Mediatika in collaboration with Low-Tech Lab, in co-production with Zoulou Compagnie and Arte France
France – 60 minutes – 2021
Preview - French version

An engineer by training and founder of the Low-tech Lab, Corentin de Chatelperron travels the world in search of useful, accessible and sustainable innovations made from recycled materials. To what extent can these technologies build a different future? To answer this question, Corentin isolated himself on a deserted island for four months with thirty or so low-techs and a simple objective: to reach the maximum level of autonomy. Up to total autonomy?

With the presence of Corentin de Chatelperron

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Par la force des arbres

By the power of the trees
From Édouard Cortès
Ed.: Équateurs 
Publication: 21 October 2020

After a thunderbolt of destiny, Édouard Cortès chooses to take refuge in the top of an oak tree, to get some perspective on his life and our frantic times. At almost 40, he embraces his wife and children, deletes his social network accounts and goes deep into a forest in the Périgord for a still journey. There, in a hut built by his own hands, he fulfils his childhood dream: to get away, to break with his chains, to transform himself with the oak, to drink from the sap of the branches. This springtime in the altitude and silence of the woods offers him a reading of nature that cannot be found in any guidebook or encyclopedia. The oak, so quiet, houses a cabinet of curiosities and allows the perched man to reverie under the trees and the stars for three months. Sometimes you have to contemplate a colony of ants savouring the honeydew, listen to a jay or a pair of blue tits, observe mushrooms and lichens with a magnifying glass to understand the tragedy and poetry of our humanity. In order to reconnect with enchantment and clarity, the tree-man must cut off certain branches, lighten up and allow himself to be crossed by wild life with the stoicism of the oak.

Writer and traveller, Édouard Cortès has led several expeditions, including a crossing of the Caucasus on foot, a journey along the Silk Roads in Afghanistan and a trip in a 2CV from France to Vietnam. In 1999, he linked Rocamadour to Compostela. In 2007, he made the Jerusalem pilgrimage with his wife as a honeymoon trip: 5000 km from Paris. In 2012, he walked with his family, with a cart and a donkey, from Puy-en-Velay to Rome.
He is the author of several stories including Paris - Saigon (Ed. Presses de la Renaissance, 2005), Ararat. Sur la piste de l'arche de Noé (Ararat. On the trail of Noah's Ark - Ed. Presses de la Renaissance, 2007), Un chemin de promesses (A Path of Promise - Ed. XO, 2008), En chemin vers Rome (On the way to Rome - Ed. XO, 2013).

Éditions : Équateurs


Le chemin des estives

The path of the summer pastures
From Charles Wright
Ed.: Flammarion
Publication: 27 January 2021

"Everywhere there was too much noise, too much talk. One day, I got fed up with this frenzy and left. Some people go to Alaska or Siberia in search of happiness, but I am an adventurer of the French canton: I look at Aubusson, Puy Mary and the Millevaches plateau..."
Without a penny in his pocket, relying on people's generosity, a young Jesuit aspirant escapes from the city and modernity with the desire to reconnect with the basics. He offers himself a truant trip through the deserts of the Massif Central. A short seven hundred kilometre walk. Le chemin des estives, the story of this journey, is an ode to desertion, to freedom, to spiritual adventure. We come across the figures of Rimbaud and Charles de Foucauld, but also people of character, volcanoes and cows. As the pages turn, a certainty emerges: happiness is within reach, you just have to trust and open your eyes.

Historian by training, Charles Wright has been a minister's pen, an editor, a journalist, before becoming a novice in a Cistercian monastery. A writer and journalist, his publications include A quoi servent les moines ? (What are monks for? - Ed. François Bourin, 2011) and Casanova ou l'essence des Lumières (Casanova or the essence of the Enlightenment - Ed. Bernard Giovanangeli, 2008, Prix Guizot de l'Académie française), as well as Le chemin du cœur (The way to the heart - Ed. Salvator, 2017), the first major biography of Dom André Louf, an eminent twentieth-century spiritual master.

Éditions : Flammarion


Le Continent blanc

51 jours seul en Antarctique

The White Continent, 51 days alone in Antarctica
From Matthieu Tordeur
Ed.: Robert Laffont
Publication: 5 November 2020

"I look out at the vastness in front of me and am seized by the thought: I am going to be alone in the middle of this gigantic desert for the next seven weeks. It's dizzying. It takes me by storm."
On 24 November 2018, Matthieu Tordeur began a fifty-one day journey to Antarctica. Hostile and uninhabited, the white continent will give itself up to him at the cost of inestimable efforts, accomplished in the greatest solitude. In this account, the adventurer recounts his moments of anguish and doubt, but also of astonishment and grace. He even reveals his true path: from the South Pole to the "inner pole", or how, in order to survive, he became a "polar".

Matthieu Tordeur is a lecturer, author and filmmaker. In 2019, he became the youngest explorer in the world and the first Frenchman to reach the South Pole on skis, alone and without supplies. His adventures and expeditions have taken him to more than 90 countries: crossing Greenland on ski-kite, crossing the Sahara from Cairo to Khartoum on an electric bike, Karakoram Highway by bike, Marathon des Sables, kayaking down the Seine, Pyongyang Marathon in North Korea, Transcontinental Race, round-the-world tour in a 4L to promote microfinance.

Editions: Robert Laffont