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Bernard VOYER

Marine de Tilly
25 July 2016
Patrick EDEL
28 May 2017

Explorer, mountaineer, Canadian adventurer...

Président du jury du film, 2005 et 2011.

It is always a privileged moment to live these three days of annual meetings between the public and the adventurers, to discover their new documentaries to share their adventures and to take note of their future projects. Each time, it makes you want to undertake, it creates vocations, it seals initiatives for new adventures or new films.
I had discovered this festival in 2005, while it took place in the gigantic Auditorium of Dijon, and I find it, this year, in the heart of the city, rooted in two cinemas dijonnais and deployed in 4 rooms. This new formula, which I would call "base camp", brings the festival to a human scale that suits it so well, promoting promiscuity and therefore meetings between guests, directors, audiences, adventurers and organizers ... and above all, it offers, thanks to these two places, the possibility well perceived by the organizers to propose even more films, places of meetings and convivial exchanges.
If the reputation of this festival is more to do in professional circles, I warmly encourage that think that adventure is always a search for extreme situations, to discover this festival and the adventurers who frequent it, they will be surprised to note that in Dijon, the Adventure is especially very human.
Thanks again to the organizers for their hospitality, and especially for their generosity in perpetuating this event, which allows the professionals (of which I am) to meet the public and to see our documentaries in conditions unique in the world, while offering to our achievements a exceptional visibility.