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19 October 2019
Video reports 2019
9 November 2019

Because it's the men and women who come to the festival,
who make the quality and talk about it the best.

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Mélanie Dugas

Spectator, biodiversity researcher and "total addict" of the festival from 6 years (2014-2021).

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the festival, I would like to share with you a "little" text that I wrote at the end of the 2020 edition, after 3 wonderful days of festival, always so qualitative. This text could have remained in the shadow of my hard drive, but the soul of this festival is in the sharing... so I take my courage in both hands to honor it in my own way. So I offer you this text, as a present that I leave you to appreciate - or not - as you wish!

I am an ordinary girl. I have a lot of dreams and a constant desire to travel and discover. But I'm not from a family of explorers, nor am I an outstanding scientist, or a talented photographer, let alone a top-level sportswoman... I'm none of these things, just an ordinary citizen who likes to live, dream and marvel. So, every year, I drink in the adventures of others, which this festival, to which I am attached - and assiduous! This festival, to which I am attached - and assiduous! -, brings it within my reach. For me, it has a slightly magical character, with its special atmosphere, the positive energy in the air, and the great adventurers that you can get so close to... And yet they always seem a little inaccessible to me. There's something extra about them, something that transcends them. They have an ease in living their dreams and overcoming obstacles, as if the reality of everyday life, which so easily catches us, the anonymous among the public, did not reach them, the adventurers who know how to stage themselves in such a humble way. I have admired them and worked with them for six years, and yet I never dared to take the microphone to ask questions that sometimes burned my lips. I have faced my shyness a few times to get a few autographs, though. I'm almost proud of it, that's how little I need!
I feel so small and insignificant compared to these men and women who live by exploits and strong, even extreme experiences. How do they do it? For me, the simple idea of taking the microphone and asking a question without stammering already seems insurmountable. And yet, every year, this desire takes hold of me. Every year, a little voice in my head whispers "I too would like to live a great adventure one day, one that transcends my existence, that makes me vibrate like them". Because even if everyday life is comfortable and pleasant, adventure is exhilarating and enriching. But not all of us have this easy access to adventure. Everyday life catches up with us so easily that it seems difficult to escape from it to reach the vibrant happiness of adventure. And yet, if there is one thing I have learned from the speeches of the adventurers at the festival, it is that adventure is accessible to all. All you need is an idea, with a capital "I". The one that will germinate in our minds, cling to it like a mussel to its rock, and little by little take shape, until we find the solutions to overcome the obstacles, big and small, and find the courage to make it happen.
In reality, I am convinced that we all have adventures in our lives. They are not the same from one life to the next of course, but perhaps the big difference is in the recognition we give them. What if the adventure is actually hidden in the everyday? Then all we have to do is open our eyes and our consciousness to see it and give it the status it deserves. What if this is a key to happiness? Knowing how to recognise that what we experience has a value and that we too do beautiful things. And that we just have to honour them by giving them the value they deserve, the value of having filled us with happiness, even for a short time.

When I think about it, I too have had adventures in my life. But I don't think I've ever recognised them as such, because I've always considered them to be very personal experiences, which surely wouldn't be of interest to anyone but myself. And I had no idea how to tell them anyway. Maybe one day I will succeed in writing about these experiences, which have marked me and brought me joys but also difficult moments, to share them with others. And if I succeed, one day perhaps, this Festival will have largely contributed to this, through this enthusiasm and this beauty of sharing that it has carried for 30 years. This Festival to which I pay tribute today, and through it to adventurers, but also to ordinary people who, like me perhaps, dream of being adventurers one day and going through the looking glass.

So, thank you. Thank you for what you make us experience through the Festival.

Anne Quéméré

Navigator, host of the 2019 edition

"A magnificent 28th edition, packed halls, a curious audience, enriching encounters, images that fill the eyes, memories that fill the heart! Tonight, our dreams take us far away! Thank you to all of you for making these 3 days a unique moment!"

Juliette Barthaux

Head of magazines, partnerships and web for USHUAIA TV - 2019

"We are always very happy to accompany this festival, which offers a very qualitative program... and particularly affinities with the editorial of our channel. It's a unique opportunity to share moments of intense emotion, watching films retracing a human adventure, but also to meet their authors and actors."

Dorine Bourneton

Aerobatic pilot, president of the jury for the film 2019

"An organization at the top! Les Écrans de l'aventure de Dijon is a film festival that makes you want to depart, take off, travel, explore, experiment and discover new things! It was like a beautiful adventure with its many twists and turns: encounters, feverish debates... It was wonderful and all that in three unforgettable days!
There's nothing more precious. Films are an excellent pretext for us to find ourselves with the desire to start afresh... on new projects!
We need to be inspired, these adventurers of today and yesterday inspire us. They are my heroes. They're the ones who gave me the strength to always fight. These men wrote the history of the airmail, carrying mail from Toulouse to Saint Louis in Senegal. There were famous names: Mermoz, Henri Guillaumet, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. These men gave me the desire to be a pilot and then, after my accident, the desire to bounce back. What people come looking for in this festival, rubbing shoulders with adventurers, and maybe they are modern heroes, who can inspire them in everyday life.
I was happy to be with you. Because I was listened to, respected. That's an important word, because unfortunately, that's not always the case. I'm overwhelmed much more often... hence the kind of frailty and weariness in me that I imagine must show itself.
These three days have made me want to renew my ties with The Guild, to be at your side, in whatever form..."

Christine Watanabe

Director at Kami productions, member of the jury for the film 2019

"I feel like I left you guys a little early. And as I have just found your addresses, I would like to take this opportunity to greet you and tell you how happy I was to spend these days with you, discussing, debating, arguing, reflecting, and laughing? It was a beautiful adventure with multiple twists and turns: meetings, (a blank page to write), disturbing (and dissipated) elements, drama, separation of the protagonists, feverish debates, alignment of the planets, and last reversals before the final fall! It was wonderful, and all this in three unforgettable days!
I hope we can meet again at festivals or somewhere in the world. I keep your addresses to invite you to the screenings of Kami productions, in 2020 for sure.
Good trip to Japan for Volodia, nice aerobatics for Dorine, good shooting for Michael, nice literary successes for Cédric. And good kayaking to all of you!"

Johann Camboulive

Rollerblading adventurer of the MadriDakar project - 2019

"It's my turn to thank you for your sincere and warm welcome and especially for thinking that my presence could be a good thing. This weekend has done me good. As I take very little time to look at what is going on around me, it has been an opportunity to discover many projects and adventures that have deeply inspired and touched me. It's a real boost for the months to come, I suddenly feel much less lonely.
Congratulations to you for your boundless energy and technical and organizational prowess.
See you soon, I hope! Friendly."

Tristan Savin

Author and president of the jury of the book 2019

"Les Écrans de l'Aventure, in the welcoming city of Dijon, ended Sunday evening on a high note. Congratulations to La Guilde, in particular to Cléo Poussier-Cottel, Corinne Husson and Vincent Rattez and all their team for the impeccable organisation of this beautiful festival, presented by the sailor Anne Quéméré.
Thanks to my friends: Gaële de La Brosse, Bruno Corty, Marine De Tilly, Jean-Louis Gouraud and Katia Fondecave with whom I chaired the book jury. It was also the occasion to meet again the great brotherhood of the "baroudeurs", Cédric Gras, Stéphane Dugast, Alexandre and Sonia Poussin, Dorine Bourneton, Vincent Munier and so many others. When adventure also rhymes with literature, everything goes well..."

Stéphane Dugast

Author-director, present at the festival in 2007, 2008, 2017 and 2019

"Dijon is every autumn, for three days, the capital of exploration and of the elsewhere. It's even a lighthouse for adventurers of all kinds. An appointment that we are waiting for, crossing our fingers that we can be there. It's a guaranteed opportunity to see good films, but above all, to meet new people.
May the world quickly deconfine itself. Because there are so many adventures to live and share together, first in front of a big screen, then over one (and more) drink(s) until late. The nights are so starry and inspiring in Dijon..."

Pavol Barabas

Adventurer and producer and director for K2 studio - 2019

"We are really happy to learn that our film Spirit of Jaguar has been awarded at this prestigious festival and that this information is spreading everywhere on your website, facebook and also on some information portals. I am also very happy that the Hodi Indians have interested France. So thank you again."

Sophie Lavaud

Himalayan Mountaineer - 2019

"A great, great, thank you for your welcome this Saturday in Dijon. It was a great pleasure to share this day with you. Congratulations to Anne for her excellent work of moderation... and, of course, congratulations to the whole team around you who do a great and very professional job. We look forward to the next film to see each other again!"

Léo Billon

Mountaineer 1st class at the GMHM - 2019

"Thank you for your welcome and the organization, it was a great event!"

Portal of cinema and audiovisual in Burgundy Franche-Comté - 2019

"Far from extreme or merely sensational activities, competitions or sports, the films presented at this festival tell inspiring courses and stories. The films presented offer us daring projects, solo or collective journeys, expeditions of exploration... But each time, they draw us portraits of men and women who have decided to try the adventure and to share it."

Emmanuel Freund

Académie de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, arts & culture ( - 2019

"Since 1992, the city of Dijon has hosted the now unmissable film festival for adventurers. Organised primarily during school time a few weeks after the start of the school year in September, the International Adventure Film Festival offers teachers resources to interest students and to initiate an artistic and cultural education project with them.
Les Écrans de l'Aventure offers films that allow the public to share moments of emotion while putting them in contact with their authors and actors. These unpublished works presented at previews are also portraits of men and women who are fulfilling their dreams by widening the field of possibilities to find adventure in the four corners of the planet.
Widely open to young audiences, the festival offers a school program of many films that are accessible and can be linked to programs, especially in middle school.
Most of the time, the screenings are extended by a meeting with the director and/or the adventurer whose story or portrait is the subject of the film. These encounters, especially when they are prepared in the classroom beforehand, cannot leave the students indifferent and are likely to enrich their artistic and cultural education.
Following the films, the cinemas participating in the Festival propose an exhibition that invites the public to continue their journey to the ends of the earth. The partnership with a bookshop in Dijon enables a wide selection of adventure books to be presented and even a Prize for Adventure Books awarded on this occasion. Another way, therefore, of completing the discovery of this world of adventure for students and encouraging them to read literature that some may not even be aware of."

Thomas Rativeau

Projectionist and " MacGyver " of the Olympia and Darcy cinemas (precious collaborator of the festival from 2009 to 2019 and more...)

"Hosting the Écrans de l'aventure in Dijon, and especially at the Olympia cinema, is a true honour and an immense joy every year. The programming is of great quality. To be able to meet and discuss with these adventurers, these people with a big heart who make us discover and take us into their world, is an invaluable happiness. The organization is impeccable. The organizers and volunteers are extraordinary people and so friendly.
May this festival NEVER stop and may its fame continue to grow!"

Dijon Tourist Office


"This international adventure film festival is aimed at a passionate audience. Just like a great Burgundy vintage, the festival gets better every year. The 19,000 admissions recorded in 2018 demonstrated the ever-increasing public interest in this festival where adventure is present in all its forms, whether through film screenings, meetings or literature. It is an opportunity to share moments of intense emotion by watching films retracing a human adventure, but also to meet their authors and actors. These men and women, outstanding personalities, never cease to demonstrate their imagination and daring. They thus push back their limits to make their dreams come true; they share with a conquered audience moments of life demonstrating that the planet offers us a multitude of possibilities to find adventure."

Sylvain Tesson

Adventurer, geographer, travel writer... president of La Guilde until June 2018.

"When I attend the screenings of Écrans de l'aventure de Dijon, something secretly rejoices me and at the same time amazes me. Dijon is one of the rare places in France where you can hear people telling us their dreams, revealing their projects, telling us about their exploits, spreading their hopes... Would the virtue of adventure be to thicken the values of life, to offer a sense of freedom, to provide a harvest of memories and experiences, to enrich, to strengthen, to bring joy? It certainly does. This festival is the most perfect echo of this."

Patrick Edel

Co-founder of La Guilde and the Festival - 2018

"This festival is an ode to the beauty of the world, to the greatness of man, to enchantment... and a tremendous source of inspiration. Thanks to these adventurers who awaken us and encourage us to stay awake. Their testimonials give us this part of the dream that persuades us that the future is ours. They propagate in all of us this taste for a chosen life, not a sudden one, and they revive our taste for entrepreneurship... for making our dreams come true."

Bernard Voyer

Canadian explorer, mountaineer, adventurer... president of the film jury, 2005 and 2011

"It's always a privileged moment to experience these three annual days of meetings between the public and adventurers, to discover their new documentaries to share their adventures and learn about their future projects. Each time, it gives the desire to undertake, it creates vocations, it seals initiatives for new adventures or new films.
I had discovered this festival in 2005, when it took place in the gigantic Auditorium of Dijon, and I find it again this year in the heart of the city, rooted in two Dijon cinemas and deployed in 4 theatres. This new formula, which I would call "base camp", brings the festival back to a human scale that suits it so well, favouring promiscuity and therefore encounters between guests, directors, audiences, adventurers and organisers. Above all, it offers, thanks to these two venues, the possibility, well perceived by the organisers, to offer even more films, meeting places and convivial exchanges.
If the reputation of this festival is well established in professional circles, I warmly encourage those who think that adventure is always a search for extreme situations, to discover this festival and the adventurers who attend it, they will be surprised to find that in Dijon, Adventure is above all very human.
Thanks again to the organizers for their welcome, and especially for their generosity in perpetuating this event, which allows professionals (including myself) to meet the public and see our documentaries in conditions unique in the world, while giving our productions exceptional visibility."

Pierre Fyot

Doctor from Dijon, co-founder of Médecins sans frontières and Médecins du monde, godfather of the marriage of the festival with the city of Dijon in 1992.

"From Jules Verne to Hugo Pratt, generations of children have been lulled by heroic tales or extraordinary journeys that opened up the wonderful world of adventure. As time goes by, to escape from the daily grind, we keep opening this window on a fascinating Elsewhere which, most often, remains in the state of a dream. But to dream is already to live differently. And it sometimes happens that some, going beyond the imaginary, leave to the conquest of their "Graal", that is to say of themselves. From generation to generation, a race of Lords persists who push back the limits of man or horizons a little more each time and become, if only for a moment, the equal of the Gods.
The uniqueness of the Dijon International Adventure Film Festival is precisely to show these two faces of Adventure, the imaginary and the real. To present both an international selection of fiction films dedicated to this theme as well as feature-length or short films recounting the exploits of these tightrope walkers of the impossible, whose, like Gérard d'Aboville, excessiveness is only the reflection of the challenge they set themselves. Or explorers whose courage to live pushes them, according to Guillaumet's formula, to accomplish "what no animal in the world would ever have done".
Such an event had to find a venue worthy of its ambition. Thanks to the generous collaboration of the Municipality and the various Regional Assemblies, Dijon has lent it its prestigious setting as a City-Museum where every stone, every street speaks of the glorious time of the Golden Fleece, when the Dukes of Burgundy reigned over a part of Europe. Renewing with this past, the Golden Fleece will be reborn to crown the Grand Prix of this Festival. There is no doubt that, year after year, it will attract the greatest directors. Finally, may this celebration of Adventure in the capital of Burgundy also be a tribute to the memory of Jean-Marc Boivin of Dijon, one of those who have undoubtedly best embodied it in its most noble and craziest form, that perfect "free act" dear to Gide's Lafcadio.
And now, let the screen light up, and let the Festival begin!"

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