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10 July 2020
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10 July 2020

Five books

selected to compete for the Golden Fleece adventure book 2020.

Ici Elvira, vous m’entendez ?

Les huit femmes du pic Lénine

Title translation: This is Elvira, can you hear me? - The eight women of Lenin Peak

of Linda Cottino
Translated from the Italian into French by Gérard Guerrier with a preface by Bernard Germain
Ed.: Les Éditions du Mont-Blanc - Catherine Destivelle
Publication: March 11, 2020

August 5, 1974. For the first time in the history of mountaineering, an all-female rope, led by Elvira Sergeevna Shataeva, a member of the Moscow Spartak, attempted to cross the northern slope of Lenin Peak (7,134 metres) from east to west. Shortly after reaching the highest point, the eight women are trapped by a storm of unprecedented violence. This will be their last mountain. They all remained there, together and forever, in a white oblivion. Forty-five years after this tragedy, Linda Cottino offers us an edifying account of this tragedy, one of the most striking of the 20th century.

Linda Cottino is Italian. After her beginnings in social journalism, she combines her two passions, writing and mountains, to run the magazine ALP. Always connected with the mountains, she participates in an Italian-French television project on the internet and collaborates with the magazine In Movimento. She currently manages the Marco Polo collection of tourist guides for the publishing house Edt, with which she also collaborates for the Lonely Planet guides.

Édition : Les Éditions du Mont-Blanc

La Dernière Caravane

Pamir afghan (1967-1971)

Title translation: The Last Caravan - Afghan Pamir (1967-1971)

of Roland and Sabrina Michaud
Ed.: Nevicata
Publication: November 15, 2019

During a long crossing of continental Asia, a young couple of French travelling photographers, Roland and Sabrina Michaud, gather information in Afghanistan that fires their imagination: the existence in the Pamir of camel caravans using the frozen rivers in winter as a way to avoid the passes blocked by snow. It will take them three years to get permission - from the king of Afghanistan to travel to these forbidden territories and from the Kyrgyz khan to join a caravan where women are traditionally not allowed - to make their dream come true. The story of this adventure, which led to the famous album Caravanes de Tartarie (Caravans of Tartarie), had not yet been published. As this caravan no longer exists, this book is a precious testimony that has not only personal value but also ethnographic and historical significance..

Roland and Sabrina Michaud are a couple of French travelling photographers specializing in the civilizations of Islam, India and China. Fascinated by discoveries and encounters, they have travelled and photographed the world together for almost sixty years. They have received numerous awards for this work. A few months after the publication of this story, Roland Michaud left for his last great journey. The legacy he leaves us is immense.

Édition : Nevicata

Le Chemin des anges

Ma traversée d’Israël à pied

Title translation: The Angel’s Path - My crossing of Israel on foot

of Linda Bortoletto
Ed.: Payot
Col.: Voyageurs
Publication: October 2, 2019

The Angel's Path is a hiking trail of more than 1,000 kilometers that crosses Israel from north to south. It is also called the Shvil, or Israel National Trail. Linda Bortoletto walked it alone for two months. From the border with Lebanon to the Red Sea, she goes, step by step, encounter after encounter, to apprehend Israel through the nature, intensity and energy of this land, but also to seek the real reason for her presence there: did she not make this journey to try to reconcile within herself the warrior, the woman and the mystic?

Linda Bortoletto wanted to be a fighter pilot; she was a gendarmerie officer, with 150 men under her command. In 2011, following the death of her father, she gave up everything (her job, her husband, her country) to discover the vast horizons of the most remote regions of Siberia, Alaska and the Himalayas, which she criss-crossed for seven years, on foot or by bicycle. She was awarded the Toison d'or du Toison d'or du livre d'aventure in Dijon in 2016 for her book Là où je continuerai d'être, l'appel des terres sauvages (Where I will continue to be, the call of the wilderness) publisched by Le Passeur éditeur.

Édition : Payot

Le Nouveau Western

Sur la route du Cid

Title translation: The New Western - On the road to the Cid

of Marc Fernandez
Ed.: Paulsen
Col.: Démarches
Publication: March 19, 2020

In the 20th century, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, better known as Cid, used to cross Spain on horseback. Today, on his mountain bike - called Tornado - Marc Fernandez follows the route named after this legendary knight from his hometown of Burgos to Valencia, where he died in 1099. A sporting challenge to discover a little-known, medieval, immensely empty part of Spain. 900 kilometres by bike, 1,302 metres of ascent in a western setting, to retrace the extraordinary life of a mythical figure worthy of a thriller character..

Marc Fernandez is a journalist. He was in charge of the Latin America and Spain desk for Courrier international. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine Alibi, devoted to the world of detective fiction, he is also the author of a series of three black novels published by Préludes/Livre de Poche: Mala Vida (2015), Guérilla Social Club (2017), Bandidos (2018).

Édition : Paulsen

Tara Tari

Mes ailes, ma liberté

Title translation: Tara Tari - My wings, my freedom

of Capucine Trochet
Ed.: Arthaud 
Col.: Récits et témoignages
Publication: January 15, 2020

In this tale of the sea and resilience, Capucine Trochet recounts her crazy adventure with Tara Tari, a small fishing boat from Bangladesh made of jute and salvaged materials. The boat's architect, had warned her: "Tara Tari is not made to cross the Atlantic. "However, she is the only boat with which Capucine feels capable of doing so. After ten months at sea before this great crossing, the sailor learns the name of her genetic disease which imposes permanent suffering on her; she nevertheless decides to continue sailing. Without seeing any challenge in it. The trials will allow her to reach the essence of her dream. As she crosses the ocean, everything makes sense - even her illness. Over the course of the nautical miles, Capucine builds a new way of life and experiments with optimistic sobriety. More than a boat, Tara Tari becomes "her wings and her freedom"..

Born in Tours (France) in 1981, Capucine Trochet is today a sailor. After working for Les Echos and Le Figaro, she left Paris in 2009 to live at sea. Since then, she has travelled the world to bear witness to the need to take care of nature.

Édition : Arthaud