Bernard VOYER
28 May 2017

Marine de Tilly

Marine de Tilly is a journalist, reporter and literary critic (at Le Figaro and at Le Point where she has been writing a weekly column since 2007).

Photo © Claude Godfryd
She has published two essays: Corrida, de sang et d’or  (Éd. Le Rocher, 2008) et Ernest Hemingway (Éd. Duetto, 2015).
She is ghost-writer and author of books and reports about Iraq and Syria: L’homme debout (Éd. Stock, 2016), Leila d’Arabie (2020), La femme, la vie, la liberté - au cœur du chaos, la maire de Raqqa raconte (Éd. Stock, 2020).
She regularly realise travels extensively (Aéropostale, Kerguelen, Caravan in Yunnan, China by sidecar, Faroe Islands) ) for the french magazine and press (Le Figaro Magazine, Le Point, GÉO, Terre sauvage…)
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