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20 September 2021
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21 September 2021

Thursday, October 14th

A retrospective documentary programme at the FEUILLANTS theatre
- This programme is subject to change at a later date -
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10:00 am


"From Paris to Jerusalem"
Realization: Mathilde and Édouard Cortès, Frédéric Réau
Production: GEDEON Programmes, Voyage and France 5
France – 85 minutes – 2009 - French version
Young Director Award 2009

On 17 June 2007, Édouard and Mathilde set off on their honeymoon: on foot from Paris to Jerusalem. Eight months of encounters, loneliness, hunger, and sometimes fear constitute an extraordinary and authentic human and inner adventure. This film retraces their entire journey.

With the presence of Mathilde Cortès.

Teaser - FR

11:40 am

Après l'horizon

"After the horizon"
Realization and production: Alain Kalita
France – 26 minutes – 1997 - French version
Jean-Marc Boivin Award 1997

This film traces the adventure of Alain Kalita's third non-stop, single-handed round-the-world sailing attempt. Inspired by the stories of great navigators such as Bernard Moitessier, the sailor sets sail on a 9.50 m sailboat (Naïla) that he built himself. Despite his boat flipping over at sea and remaining forty minutes with its keel in the air, and a forced stopover in New Zealand, he takes to the sea again to see his dream through. Thanks to the camera's complicity in his adventure, we share his exaltation, his bouts of despair, his fears and his joys. The adventure becomes human again.

With the presence of Alain Kalita.

2:30 pm

China Jam

"China Jam"
Realization and production: Evrard Wendenbaum
France - 55 minutes - 2014 - French version
Jean-Marc Boivin Prize 2014

Fans of large vertical walls, Evrard Wendenbaum and the Belgian climbers Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Nicolas Favresse and Stéphane Hanssens joined the Celestial Mountains on the Sino-Kyrgyz border. After a long trek and two weeks spent living suspended on the wall, they climbed the gigantic south-east pillar of Kyzyl Asker (5,842 m) for the first time in free climbing. With a good dose of humour and incredible musical sessions, their wall performance is no less.

With the presence of Evrard Wendenbaum.

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3:40 pm

Jolokia, des marins pas comme les autres

"Jolokia, sailors like no others"
Realization: Aurélie Saillard and Robert Iséni
Production: GEDEON Programmes, Team Jolokia, Ushuaïa TV
France - 52 minutes - 2013 - French version
Alain Bombard Prize 2014

Two enthusiasts, Éric Bellion and Pierre Meisel, set themselves a rather crazy challenge: to put together a crew of twelve neophytes, train them and engage them in sailing races usually reserved for experienced sailors. The idea seems crazy but yet, within a year, the crew of "social and physical one-eyed wonders", as they like to say, find themselves on board Jolokia to take the start of prestigious offshore races. The result is beyond their expectations...

With the presence of Éric Bellion.

Friday, October 15th

A retrospective documentary programme at the FEUILLANTS theatre
- This programme is subject to change at a later date -
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10:30 am

Le monde de glace

"The world of ice"
Realization: Jérôme Maison
Production: MC4, Thalassa
France – 52 minutes – 2014 - French version
Special Jury Prize 2014
and Golden Fleece of the Adventurer of the Year 2014

Laurent, Olivier and Tanguy, three high-level freedivers used to the cool waters of Brittany, set off for the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula to swim with the large marine mammals of the Southern Ocean. Aboard a sailboat, they skirted storms to melt into the icy sea in search of aquatic encounters. They also had to push themselves to accept immersion in one-degree water, not bend in the face of the cold and, ultimately, covet the ultimate prize.

With the presence of Laurent Marie

11:10 am

Sous les étoiles du Pôle

"Under the stars of the Pole"
Realization: Hugues de Rosière
Production: L'Envol Productions, France 5
France - 52 minutes - 2008 - French version
Special Jury Prize 2008

Engaged in an international scientific mission on the evolution of the ice pack, Éric Brossier and France Pinczon du Sel have been living for four years in Spitsbergen on their little red sailboat immobilised by the ice: Vagabond. For only company: their sled dogs and... polar bears. In February 2007, Léonie arrived, a little girl almost born in the ice. A Nordic tale in the great cold of the cold.

With the presence of France Pinczon du Sel.

Teaser - FR

2:30 pm

Nomade des mers
Expédition Gold of Bengal

"Nomad of the Seas - Gold of Bengal Expedition"
Realization: Corentin de Chatelperron
Production: FL Concepts
France - 52 minutes - 2014 - French version
Golden Fleece of the adventure film 2014,
Dijon Youth Prize 2014
and Ushuaïa TV Prize / Écrans de l'aventure 2014

After building with his team Gold of Bengal, a jute fibre sailboat, the young engineer Corentin de Chatelperron decided to go and test the prototype himself. The experiment: to live like a "sea nomad", in complete autonomy. He equipped the boat with a greenhouse, a chicken coop, and various DIY survival systems, and embarked on a six-month coastal trip to the deserted islands of the Bay of Bengal.

With the presence of Corentin de Chatelperron

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3:40 pm

Les cavaliers afghans
Sur les traces de Joseph Kessel en Afghanistan

"The Afghan horsemen - On the trail of Joseph Kessel in Afghanistan"
Realization: Hugues de Rosière
Production: L'Envol Productions, France 5
France - 52 minutes - 2008 - French version
Special Jury Prize 2008

In 2002, Louis Meunier, who had just graduated, decided to leave his career behind and go on an adventure to Afghanistan. He was dazzled by the beauty of the country and the dignity of its inhabitants. But above all, fascinated by reading Joseph Kessel's novel Les cavaliers (The Riders), he dreams of attending a buzkashi tournament, the equestrian joust of the Afghans. Louis will soon have only one idea in mind: to find the horse of his dreams so that he, in turn, can participate in a tournament.

With the presence of Louis Meunier

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Saturday, October 16th

A retrospective documentary programme at the FEUILLANTS theatre
- This programme is subject to change at a later date -
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10:00 am

Voyage au bout de la vie

"Journey to the end of life"
Realization: Philippe Jamain
Production: Les Films de la Vallée
France - 26 minutes - 1994 - French version
Jean-Marc Boivin Award 1994

Raymond Maufrais, a 22 year old from Toulon, devoured by the passion of exploration, disembarked one day in July 1949 in Cayenne with a crazy project in mind: to cross alone an unexplored region of the Guiana forest to the mysterious Tumuc-Humac mountains in Brazil. The discovery of his travel diaries made it possible to retrace this extraordinary adventure; the texts of the commentary are taken from them.

In the presence of Elina Le Verche

10:40 am

L’appel de la banquise

"The call of the ice floe"
Realization: Mike Magidson
Production: MFP Production. Coproduction : U.P.I. Films
with the participation of Planète
France - 99 minutes - 2016 - French version
Golden Fleece of the Adventure Film
and Audience Award of the Écrans de l'aventure 2016

In the heart of the polar winter, Mike Magidson finally takes up the challenge inspired by his meeting with Unartoq, the great Greenlandic Inuit hunter: fifty days totally on his own in the great white desert, facing the elements, the cold, the solitude, fishing by breaking the ice, and hunting seals to ensure his subsistence and that of the dogs in his sled. A question of survival. And a real challenge for the western man that he is.

In the presence of Mike Magidson and producer Caroline Broussaud

Teaser - FR

2:30 pm

Sao Maï

"Sao Maï"
Realization: Jean-Philippe Pons-Malartre and Michaël Pitiot
Production: GEDEON Programmes, France 2
France - 52 minutes - 2001 - French version
Dijon Youth Award 2001

Setting out from Saigon to reach Saint-Malo, the Vietnamese junk Sao Maï has crossed forty countries, four oceans, dismasted twice. Some forty crew members took turns with Marielle Laheurte and Michaël Pitiot, the captain, making this 20,000-mile expedition a beautiful human adventure.

With the presence of Michaël Pitiot

3:40 pm

La mémoire des brumes

"The memory of the mists"
Realization: Luc-Henri Fage and Arnoult Seveau
Production: Tarentula production
France - 52 minutes - 1992 - French version
Special Jury Award 1992

Thirty years after the Gaisseau expedition, which marked the first crossing of New Guinea from the south to the north, two young men decide to follow in the footsteps of their elder brother. With the expedition's photos and a good dose of recklessness as their viaticum, they produce a testimony on the changes that have occurred in the Papuan tribes. More than 1,000 km of testing in territories where fascinating Papuans cut stone axes live.

With the presence of Luc-Henri Fage