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The 2020 Awards

Programming 2020
14 September 2020
The Online festival
18 October 2020
Despite a capacity reduced by half, the public was present at this 29th edition. Like a tightrope walker on a tightrope, we had to adapt ourselves permanently in order to offer you the best of international adventure documentaries in the presence of their protagonists. Thank you all for having, against all odds, contributed to the success of this new edition.

We invite you to discover the prize list, where many films in preview have won awards. This prize list also includes human adventures which are the signature of the festival:

Golden Fleece of the adventure film

(endowed by the city of Dijon)

Climbing Blind

Realization: Alastair Lee
Production: Posing productions
UK – 57 minutes – 2019 – Preview

Jesse Dufton was born with a central vision of 20%; at the age of 30, his vision is reduced to a simple perception of light. However, Jesse continues to train by leading traditional climbs with his visual guide and fiancée. As his eyesight deteriorates, his climbing continues to make remarkable progress. His challenge: to be the first blind man to take the lead of Scotland's iconic Old Man of Hoy sea pillar. A climbing story as much as a human adventure.


Golden Fleece of the Adventurer of the Year

awarded by La Guilde

Molly and Jesse DUFTON

To reward the unity and total commitment of a climbing couple, united in life, in adventure and in the art of climbing beyond blindness.

To find out more about this couple of climbers and follow their news do not hesitate to visit their website:

Special Jury Award


Realization: Jaime Murciego and Pablo Iraburu
Production: Arena Comunicación
Spain – 82 minutes – 2019

Five indigenous Bolivian women take part in a unique expedition. As a symbol of liberation and empowerment, they climb the highest mountain in America. The image of these mountaineers in traditional skirts is astonishing. More than just climbers, they are courageous women who find in the mountains a space to feel free, happy and alive. Their adventure shows an inspiring way of being a modern woman in the tradition, but also of getting closer to Mother Nature.


Alain Bombard Award

(which rewards an adventure containing a lesson for the future)

Flying, le rêve de Franky Zapata

Flying, Franky Zapata's dream
Realization: Julian Nodolwsky
Production L’Etoile Noire Production
France – 60 minutes – 2019

110 years after Louis Blériot, Franky Zapata tries to cross the Channel perched on his revolutionary "Flyboard Air". A record crossing of about fifteen minutes at more than 150 km/h, alone on a flying board... At the same time, in Hungary, Laszlo Ungar has set himself the objective of rebuilding Louis Blériot's plane identically and flying in the same conditions. Zapata, Ungar: two approaches to aviation, but one and the same tribute to the pioneers.


Jean-Marc Boivin Award

(which rewards the authenticity of an adventure)

Ushuaïa TV / Écrans de l'aventure de Dijon Award

(endowed by a broadcast on the Ushuaïa TV channel)

La voie arctique

The Arctic route
Realization and production : Arnaud Mansat and Sébastien Roubinet
France – 52 minutes – 2020 – Preview

A new hybrid prototype, between a catamaran and an ice-truck, is making its way across the white desert. On board, three men are attempting a historic first: the crossing of the Arctic Ocean under sail, 3,000 kilometres to link Alaska to Spitzberg via the North Pole. Sébastien Roubinet, sailor and polar explorer, Vincent Colliard and Éric André embark on an unprecedented adventure without assistance. They have three months to pass, before the ice closes and the polar night sets in.


Award from de the Youth of the city of Dijon

(endowed by the Gibert Joseph Dijon bookshop)

Audience Award

of the Ecrans de l’aventure de Dijon

Less is more

Realization: Mathias Joubert and the Surf Island Family
Production: Mathias Joubert
France – 52 minutes – 2020

The Surf Island Family is a family of adventurous surfers with an atypical, intriguing and inspiring lifestyle. Part-time teachers on the Ile de Ré, the parents travel the globe the other six months of the year with their two children. Far from over-consumption, meeting the waves and others in a simple and uncluttered life, we embark with them for Indonesia. But nothing happens as planned, so we head towards a destination that is unexpected to say the least.


Golden Fleece of the adventure book


Dijon Library Readers Award

Ici Elvira, vous m’entendez ? Les huit femmes du pic Lénine

This is Elvira, can you hear me? The eight women of Lenin Peak
of Linda Cottino
Translated from the Italian into French by Gérard Guerrier with a preface by Bernard Germain
Ed.: Les Éditions du Mont-Blanc - Catherine Destivelle
Publication: March 11, 2020

August 5, 1974. For the first time in the history of mountaineering, an all-female rope, led by Elvira Sergeevna Shataeva, a member of the Moscow Spartak, attempted to cross the northern slope of Lenin Peak (7,134 metres) from east to west. Shortly after reaching the highest point, the eight women are trapped by a storm of unprecedented violence. This will be their last mountain. They all remained there, together and forever, in a white oblivion. Forty-five years after this tragedy, Linda Cottino offers us an edifying account of this tragedy, one of the most striking of the 20th century.

Linda Cottino is Italian. After her beginnings in social journalism, she combines her two passions, writing and mountains, to run the magazine ALP. Always connected with the mountains, she participates in an Italian-French television project on the internet and collaborates with the magazine In Movimento. She currently manages the Marco Polo collection of tourist guides for the publishing house Edt, with which she also collaborates for the Lonely Planet guides.

Édition : Les Éditions du Mont-Blanc

Special mention

of adventure book

La Dernière Caravane. Pamir afghan (1967-1971)

The Last Caravan. Afghan Pamir (1967-1971)
of Roland and Sabrina Michaud
Ed.: Nevicata
Publication: November 15, 2019

During a long crossing of continental Asia, a young couple of French travelling photographers, Roland and Sabrina Michaud, gather information in Afghanistan that fires their imagination: the existence in the Pamir of camel caravans using the frozen rivers in winter as a way to avoid the passes blocked by snow. It will take them three years to get permission - from the king of Afghanistan to travel to these forbidden territories and from the Kyrgyz khan to join a caravan where women are traditionally not allowed - to make their dream come true. The story of this adventure, which led to the famous album Caravanes de Tartarie (Caravans of Tartarie), had not yet been published. As this caravan no longer exists, this book is a precious testimony that has not only personal value but also ethnographic and historical significance..

Roland and Sabrina Michaud are a couple of French travelling photographers specializing in the civilizations of Islam, India and China. Fascinated by discoveries and encounters, they have travelled and photographed the world together for almost sixty years. They have received numerous awards for this work. A few months after the publication of this story, Roland Michaud left for his last great journey. The legacy he leaves us is immense.

Édition : Nevicata