The event that transports you to the four corners of the world, through bold movies and adventures that turn dreams into realities.

In Dijon, since 1992, it is the unmissable event of the Adventure. The Festival is an exceptional opportunity to see the best international audiovisual productions and meet the professionals of the image, adventurers and travelers. This event allows an ever-increasing audience to attend screenings, debates, exhibitions, meetings and to share moments of intense emotion with the many guests of the Festival.
Unpublished documentaries and many personalities from around the world have contributed to the notoriety of the screens of the Adventure:Gérard d’Aboville, Sir Peter Blake (NZ), James Lovell (USA), Kurt Diemberger (Autriche), Sir Edmund Hillary (NZ), Dmitry Shparo (Russie), Claudie Haigneré (FR), Bertrand Piccard (Suisse), Catherine Maunoury (FR), Alain Bombard (FR), Yves Coppens (FR), Pierre Schoendoerffer (FR), Guillaume de Monfreid (FR), Yuichiro Miura (Japon), Nikolay Litau (Russie), Yves Rossy (Suisse), Bernard Voyer (Canada), Christine Genin-Zanetta (FR), Thierry Robert (FR), Éric Loizeau (FR), Catherine Maunoury (FR), Olivier Föllmi (FR), Anne Quéméré (FR), Dorine Bourneton (FR)…
Open to the widest audience, the festival is committed to presenting

the very human adventures

Far from extreme or uniquely sensational activities, competitions or sports, the films presented tell stories and inspiring journeys. Often free from motorized means, these adventures on horseback, on foot, by bike, by boat ... go to the four corners of the world (at sea, in the mountains, in the air, in the deserts of sand or ice, at bottom forests or caves ...) and can even engage next to you. The films presented offer us daring projects, solitary or collective journeys, expeditions of exploration ... But, each time, they draw us portraits of men and women who decided to try adventure and share it.

A competition of documentary films and adventure books.

During these four days, the Festival offers about twenty adventure documentaries including 16 international films in competition. The juries of the film discovering the films at the same time as the public, a time of deliberation is required before the presentation of the charts on Saturday at 17:00. That's why, on Saturday afternoons, we offer 2 out-of-competition films. On the sidelines of this competition, 5 books are selected to compete for the Golden Fleece of Adventure Book Award and at the Price of the readers of the Médiathèque Port du Canal. On the other hand, news of the adventure presents expeditions (about to leave or just returned) during the festival.
7 awards for movies:
The Golden Fleece of Adventure Film (financially endowed by the city of Dijon): the grand prize of the festival.
The Special Jury Award: the special jury choice of the film is equivalent to the 2nd prize.
The Jean-Marc Boivin Award: this prize rewards the authenticity of an adventure (like the adventure lived by the Dijon adventurer Jean-Marc Boivin).
The Alain Bombard Award: this prize is awarded to the film which contains a teaching for the future (according to the wishes of the navigator Alain Bombard).
The Audience Award of the Écrans de l'aventure de Dijon: the public's favorite.
The Award from de the Youth of the city of Dijon (endowed by the Gibert Joseph Dijon bookstore): it is the choice of the youth jury.
The Ushuaia TV / Écrans de l’aventure de Dijon Award: the choice of the channel (rewarded by a broadcast on Ushuaia TV, subject to obtaining broadcasting rights), this equals 3 000 €.
2 prices for the book:
The Gold Fleece of the adventure book: this prize is awarded by a jury of professionals.
The Dijon Library Readers Award produced in partnership with the Dijon Public Library

1 career award:
The Golden Fleece of the Adventurer of the Year

3 juries to award these prizes:
The film jury : composed of professionals from the world of images and adventure.
Le Youth jury of the city of Dijon : composed of 5 young people from the City Council of Children of the city of Dijon.
The 2 jurys of the book : The first is composed of authors, publishing and journalism professionals. The second, is composed of readers from the Dijon Public Library.

But the festival is also great moments of conviviality with:

Adventurers and directors who come to present their projects
after the broadcast of their film in competition or out of competition. Some of them also come to present their next achievements, their next adventures.
Meetings and exchanges
with the programming of "Bars of adventure" or out of rooms. Whether it be between adventurers, filmmakers, producers, writers-travelers, partners or audiences, these meetings encourage discoveries, generate future collaborations or generate vocations, projects, desires ...
Booths, book signing and exhibitions
that allow everyone to continue the debate and learn more about the adventures presented at the festival.
A fantastic media opportunity
for adventurers, filmmakers, producers, presses and partners who can meet and touch their audiences.

Looking forward to meeting you soon

... to live great cultural moments, open to the world, made of convivialities and exchanges, able to generate initiatives, projects ...

... to meet these men and women who make the news of the adventure ...

... to discover, in preview, the best international audiovisual productions of the year ...