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The jury of the film 2019

Entête Jury du Livre - Ecrans de l'aventure
Books in competition
22 July 2019
The 2019 Projection Program
13 September 2019
A jury composed of professionals of the image and the world of the adventure...

Dorine Bourneton

President of the jury 2019 for the film

Only woman disabled aerobatic pilot
A survivor of a plane crash, Dorine is a true adventurer in life, as a pilot, writer and lecturer.
" As the only survivor of a plane crash, I became a paraplegic at 16. Driven by my passion, I obtained my pilot's license 4 years later and I pursued my dream by becoming the first disabled woman in the world to become an aerobatics pilot. By winning a competition against able-bodied pilots in 2018, I understood that this dream was much more than just a dream: the beginning of a bold adventure that could contribute to the construction of an inclusive and humane society... "
Thanks to his fight, in November 2003, the professional pilot licence was opened to people with disabilities. She now wishes to create an aerobatic school for the disabled by fitting out an aircraft, currently being equipped at Air Projet in Dijon Darois. She is also patron of the Raid Latécoère and the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation for Youth.

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Cédric GRAS

Adventurer, author of books and documentaries

Cédric led long-distance trips, a passion for the mountains and studies of geography, before moving abroad for a decade in the post-Soviet world, leading Alliances françaises in particular. His travels through the Siberian vastness, Central Asia and Antarctica have nourished his travel stories. He also tried short stories or fiction to tell about the war in Ukraine. Documentary film is another way for him to witness the world. He is currently completing a series on Russia for Arte, writing a film script with Luc Jacquet and working on a more personal 52 minutes, in addition to his next book. He also collaborates regularly with several newspapers and magazines...

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Adventurer, journalist, photo editor

It was while reading a travel story, at 17 years old, that Volodia had the trigger of the adventure. Winner of the Guild's Adventure Scholarship in 2011, he crossed Alaska by canoe at the age of 21. This three-month, 2,000-km solo expedition allowed him to discover the harsh nature of the wilderness and the people who live there. A few years later, he became a journalist and now works as a photo editor for magazines: Trek Magazine, Grands Reportages and continues to travel the roads of France and the world.

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Christine WATANABE

Co-founder and producer of KAMI Productions

A graduate of Modern Literature and japanese, Christine taught literature and french as a foreign language at the Institut français de Tokyo from 1982 to 1997. In 2003 (in Paris), she founded KAMI Productions with Kenichi Watanabe, author-director. Christine is involved in the production of documentary films on history, science, geopolitics and society, for channels such as Arte, France Télévisions, Histoire and internationally with NHK in Japan...

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Michael PITIOT

Director, scriptwriter and expedition leader

Since 1991, Michael has directed a large number of adventure documentary films and scientific expeditions around the world. He is also the originator of several cultural expeditions such as L'Odyssée de Sao Maï and Portes d'Afrique. Among other things, he has produced a documentary series on the missions Tara Océans. He also co-wrote with Daniel Duhand, the script for the film Poilus d'Alaska. With Yann Arthus-Bertrand, he co-directed the film Planète Océan and, currently, they are co-producing a series of documentary films together.

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