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The jurys of the book 2021

Books of the 2021 competition
27 July 2021
The jury for the film 2021
1 September 2021
A jury composed of professionals of the writing, editions and storys of adventure, to award the Gold Fleece of the adventure book 2021:

Jean-Luc Coatalem

President of the jury for the book 2021

Born in Finistère (France) into a family of officers, Jean-Luc Coatalem spent his childhood in Polynesia and his adolescence in Madagascar. These stays gave him a taste for elsewhere. Editor, journalist for Grands Reportages and then, since 1999, for Géo where he is deputy editor. Travelling writer he has travelled the globe on foot, on horseback, in microlights and on icebreakers, from China to Antarctica and from Brazil to Pakistan. He has visited nearly 80 countries and has published a large number of travel-inspiring stories.

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Gaële de La Brosse

Responsible for the book price.

Writer, journalist and editor

Gaële de La Brosse has two passions: writing and walking. Co-founder of the journal and network Chemins d'étoiles (Star paths), she regularly contributes to the weekly magazine Le Pèlerin (The Pilgrim), for which she produces the monthly newsletter L'Echo des chemins (The Echo of the Paths) and organizes each year, in Paris, the Forum des chemins (Paths forum). She is an editor at Éditions Salvator, where she directs the "Chemins d'étoiles" collection (Paths to the stars collection).

She is the author of several books, including Les Presses de la Renaissance, Tro Breiz, Les chemins du Paradis (Tro Breiz, the paths of Paradise), le Guide spirituel des chemins de Saint-Jacques (Spiritual Guide to the Way of St. James) and le Guide des chemins de pèlerinage (Guide to Pilgrimage Routes); and, also: Brèves des chemins de Compostelle (Briefs of the Compostela Paths - Suzac), Le Petit Livre de la marche (The Little Book of Walking - Salvator). She has just published two collective works with Editions Salvator: A Compostelle. Hommages au chemin de Saint-Jacques (In Compostela. Tributes to the Way of Saint-Jacques) and Guide spirituel de la voie du Puy-en-Velay (Spiritual guide to the Puy-en-Velay route).

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Clara Arnaud

Long-distance traveller and writer, works in the field of cooperation.

A graduate in geography and Chinese language and civilisation, Clara Arnaud has published several books inspired by her experiences of travel or immersion abroad. She is the author of two novels: L'Orage (The storm - Ed. Gaïa, 2015), an account of a revolt in Kinshasa; and La Verticale du Fleuve (The vertical of the river - Ed. Actes Sud, 2021). A long-distance traveller, she has also recounted her expeditions on foot and horseback in two travelogues: Sur les chemins de Chine (On the roads to China - Ed. Gaïa, 2010) and Au détour du Caucase (On the Caucasus diversions - Ed. Gaïa, 2017), for which she received the Toison d'or du livre d'aventure in 2017.
In parallel to this journey as a writer-traveller, she has been working for ten years in the field of Cooperation. She has lived in China, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Honduras.

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Katia Fondecave

In charge of the pole documentary and digital supply at the Dijon Municipal Library.

Marie Hélène Fraïssé

Writer, literary advisor to the "Clameur(s)" festival and contributor to the Monde des livres.

After studying American language and civilization, Marie Hélène Fraïssé became a great reporter (Géo, Le Monde) and producer at France Culture. She has travelled extensively, particularly among Amerindian and Inuit communities in Canada, the United States and Greenland. She has written several books on the history of European expansion, particularly in North America, shedding light on the decisive moment of "first contact", from which the state of the world today derives. Among them Découvreurs d'Amériques (Discoverers of the Americas - Ed. Albin Michel, 1992); Aux commencements de l'Amérique (At the beginning of America - Ed. Actes Sud, 1999); Le piéton du Grand Nord (The pedestrian of the Great North - Ed. Payot, 2002, reed. 2016). His latest book, L’Eldorado polaire de Martin Frobisher (Martin Frobisher's Polar Eldorado - Ed. Albin Michel, 2017, finalist for the Prix Femina Essai), has met with a wide audience.

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Yves Gauthier

Writer, Russian translator and lecturer.

Yves Gauthier's bibliography shows a marked penchant for unknown shores. He has translated some fifty Russian-language books, including Ermites dans la taïga (Ermites in the Taiga - Ed. Actes Sud, 1992) by Vassili Peskov and several titles by the Chukchi Youri Rytkhèou, including La Bible tchouktche (The Chukchi Bible - Ed. Actes Sud, 2003). In 1996, he co-authored L'Exploration de la Sibérie (The Exploration of Siberia - Ed. Actes Sud, 1996), which has since seen two editions (Transboréal, 2014 and 2018). The call of the wild culminates in 2016 in his translation of Valentin S. Pajetnov's L’ours est mon maître (The Bear is my Master - Ed. Transboréal, 2016). On the occasion of the centenary of the first publication of Vladimir Arséniev's novel Dersou Ouzala, he will publish in November 2021 an unpublished and complete translation of this legendary work.
Yves Gauthier is also the author of two travel novels: Moscou sauvée des eaux (Moscow Saved from the Waters - Ed. Actes sud, 2007) and Souvenez-vous du Gelé (Remember the Frozen - Ed. Transboréal, 2017); and two biographies: Youri Gagarine, ou le rêve russe de l’espace (Yuri Gagarin, or the Russian dream of space - Ed. Ginkgo, 2015) and Vladimir Vyssotski, un cri dans le ciel russe (Vladimir Vyssotski, a cry in the Russian sky - Ed. Transboréal, 2015). In 2020 his documentary story Le Centaure de l’Arctique (The Arctic Centaur - Ed. Transboréal, 2020) was re-released in an enriched version: the true odyssey of a romantic worker who wanted to crunch the world on a bicycle.

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And a jury of readers, to award the Dijon Library Audience Award 2021.
Produced in partnership with the Dijon Public Library.

Its members are :
Mathieu GATIMEL, Romain LELIEVRE, Hugues HINCMAN et Christine PERES.